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Update 10 named items

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Chest loot[edit]

Acute Delirium[edit]

The Sane Asylum[edit]

The Lord of Stone[edit]

The Lord of Eyes[edit]

* - Beholder Plate Armor/Docent can also be acquired from Harbinger of Madness end reward

Quest chain reward list[edit]

New Effects[edit]

  • Greater Stone Prison: This weapon is invested with the power of the earth. On vorpal strikes it will attempt to turn the target to stone, as the Flesh to Stone spell. A successful Fortitude save (DC 33) negates this effect
  • Peals of Thunder: This weapon is filled with the power of a storm cloud. Occasionally, this thunderous power is unleashed, applying a lasting effect that deals 2d4 sonic damage every two seconds for six seconds. If the effect is reapplied before it has a chance to wear off, the duration will reset and stack up to three times.
  • Rock Shattering: When striking stone-like creatures (such as gargoyles and earth elementals) or creatures that have been turned to stone, there is a chance this weapon will instantly shatter and destroy the target.
  • Single-Mindedness: This item drives your magic towards chaos, and you cannot focus as well on the nuances of subtler spells, -2 DCs on your enchantment spells.

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