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Run speed

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Run speed is the rate at which a character moves.

Run speed is the same for all races.

Barbarian and Monk classes get bonuses to run speed. All other classes have the same base run speed.

Modifiers of run speed[edit]

Enhancement bonus[edit]

(does not stack with each other):

Base increase[edit]

(stacks with each other and highest Enhancement bonus):

Action Boost bonus[edit]

No change[edit]

  • Abundant Step does not increase run speed, nor is the distance jumped increased with a higher run speed.
  • Type of armor worn.
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Strength, Constitution, or length of run time (you don't get Exhausted from running)

Reduced by[edit]

Tactical Consideration[edit]

For some players, run speed enhancements while in quests are not an advantage, as mobs correct to the speed of their target.needs verification More, diverse run speeds in a party primarily serve to spread out the party to the advantage of the NPCs.

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