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Fortification represents a percentage chance to negate additional damage incurred from a critical hit or sneak attack.

  • When a critical hit is negated, damage is applied normally rather than at the critical hit multiplier.
  • Weapon enchantments that trigger on a critical hit (e.g. Holy Burst, Bloodletter or Radiance) continue to work even if the critical hit itself is negated.
  • When a sneak attack is negated, the extra damage is not applied.

In DDO, most players strive for roughly +10% fortification per level, with the most durable characters achieving +300% at level 30. Most monsters don't have fortification, unless it is granted by the race/type (e.g. Undead, Constructs). Quest and raid bosses have higher fortification, but usually not full.

Players and monsters can gain abilities to bypass a portion of fortification.

Sources of Fortification[edit]

Fortification items stack with racial fortification of Warforged. Standard fortification items provide enhancement bonuses to fortification and do not stack with each other. Likewise, two exceptional fortification items don't stack, as they provide insight bonuses to fortification and insight bonuses do not stack. One regular fortification (enhancement bonus) and one exceptional fortification (insight bonus) item will stack with each other because they are different bonus types.

Races and racial enhancements[edit]

Class abilities and enhancements[edit]


Epic Destinies[edit]


Penalty to fortification[edit]

Some effects reduce your fortification:

Fortification on Monsters[edit]

  • Any monster that belongs to a type or race that are considered "immune to critical hits" (Undead, Oozes, Constructs and Elementals) gains a natural Fortification of 100%. This also applies to summoned creatures and pets.
  • Multiple Monster Champion types gain bonuses to Fortification depending on their Tier.
  • Some monsters also gain buffs to Fortification on a quest-specific basis. Most quest and raid bosses have at least some fortification, with legendary raid bosses almost always having over 100%. Monsters can also gain fortification buffs from certain quest mechanics.

Bypassing Fortification[edit]

Since Update 13, monsters with sneak attack dice are able to bypass some of the player fortification equal to monsters' Challenge Rating. (DDO Forums) E.g.:

  • If a CR 1 Kobold Sneak attacks someone with 50% fortification, the Kobold Sneak has a 51% chance to normally conduct a critical hit or sneak attack.
  • If a CR 20 Lava Mephit attacks someone with 100% fortification, the Lava Mephit has a 20% chance to normally conduct a critical hit or sneak attack.
  • If a CR 54 Sellsword Footpad attacks someone with 150% fortification, the Sellsword Footpad has a 4% chance to normally conduct a critical hit or sneak attack.
  • If a CR 29 Earth Elemental attacks someone with 125% fortification, it is still going to have a 0% chance to critically hit or sneak attack, as it has no sneak attack dice.

Players can bypass a portion of enemy fortification (personal benefit), or generally reduce enemy fortification (universal benefit).

Sources of personal fortification bypass[edit]

Sources of fortification reduction[edit]

Race/type specific reduction[edit]

Bypassing immunity to sneak attack[edit]

In addition to fortification, monsters can possess "sneak attack immunity" that prevents sneak attacks (even at 100% fort bypass). Some special effects can remove that immunity: DDO Vault

  • Assassin's Trick
  • Wracking Shot
  • Shadowdancer capstone

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