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Smite evil

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Icon Feat Smite Evil.png
Smite Evil


Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable

Using this [melee] attack, you call upon the paladin's ability to strike down evil creatures, gaining twice your Charisma bonus to hit and a damage bonus based on your paladin level. Smites return at the rate of one every 90 seconds.


  • The formula for the extra damage is 3 * Paladin level + 7.
    • This extra damage is only applied if the target is Evil, otherwise the charge is spent and the ability does regular damage. (Source)
    • This damage is added to the base damage of the attack, and is thus multiplied by critical strikes.
    • This ability also applies "Smitten" for a duration equal to your paladin level regardless of alignment. A level 10 paladin, for example, applies 10 seconds of "Smitten".
      • Smitten: -1 To-hit, damage, saves, and skill checks.
    • A character with 0 paladin levels in Unyielding Sentinel with Fanaticism is treated as a level 0 Paladin! They receive only +7 damage, and the charisma bonus to-hit from a smite evil. They also do not regenerate smites.
  • This attack animation cancels your current attack. For maximum effect, use immediately after any attack.

Sources of Extra Smites[edit]

  • A paladin receives an extra Smite at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20, granting a base amount of 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively.
  • Extra Smite enhancements within the KotC tree grant +2 charge per rank, up to a total of +6 smites.
  • Paladins regenerate smites at the rate of one charge every 90 seconds. This time can be reduced by the Unyielding Sentinel enhancement Endless Smiting. This ability reduces the recharge time to one every 81/72/63 seconds, at rank 1/2/3 respectively.
  • Endless Smiting also grants +1 additional charges per rank.
  • The Extra Smites item enchantment.

Exalted Smite[edit]

Paladins sufficiently invested within the Knight of the Chalice tree can unlock a new upgrade for smite evil: Exalted Smite.

  • Exalted smite shares the same damage formula as a regular smite evil, and shares the same pool of charges; however, Exalted Smite grants an additional +1/+1/+2 to critical damage multiplier, and an additional +0/+1/+2 to critical threat range, at ranks 1/2/3.

Additional Uses of Smite Evil[edit]