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Spell Lore

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Spell Lore

Type: Suffix
Base price modifier: varies, comes in different levels, I..XI
Effect: Spell Lore items offer an equipment bonus to your chance to score a spell critical, i.e., deal double damage.

Spell lore enchantments can be commonly found as a suffix on randomly-generated Quarterstaffs (with the Thaumaturgy prefix) and Scepters. Spell Lore can be found on all types of randomly-generated weapons, but these are much rarer compared to quarterstaffs/scepters. Spell lore can also more rarely be found on randomly-generated armor and shields as a prefix.

Types of spell lore

For each type of damage, there is a specific lore type. In addition, there's the universal Spell Lore.

  • Acid Lore, Fire Lore, Ice Lore, Lightning Lore, - elemental damage
  • Healing Lore, - positive energy spells
  • Kinetic - force, physical and untyped
  • (Laceration Lore - slashing spells*)
  • Radiance Lore - light and alignment spells
  • Repair Lore - repair and rust spells
  • Sonic Lore - sonic damage spells
  • Void Lore - negative energy and poison spells
  • Frozen Depths Lore - Negative,Poison,and Cold spells
  • Spell Lore - all spell types
* Dropped in U19, but it's never impossible to stumble across an example in the Auction House.

Found on: Category:Spell Lore items

Lore strength

Spell Lore enchantment comes in different strengths, marked with a Roman numeral.

The universal Spell Lore (formerly Arcane Lore) is 10% lower than the corresponding levels single damage type.

Level <Type> Lore % Spell Lore % Notes
I 11% 1%
II 12% 2%
III 13% 3%
IV 14% 4%
V 15% 5%
VI 16% 6%
VII 17% 7%
VIII 18% 8%
IX 19% 9%
X 20% 10%
XI 21% 11%
XII 22% 12% Epic Elite equipment at level 28.

Crafted items

Raid loot

Insightful lore

Few items offer insight bonus to the spell lore:

Exceptional Universal lore

Few items offer exceptional bonus to universal spell lore:

Artifact Universal lore

Artifact bonus

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