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Spell Focus

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Spell Focus

  • Usage:


These feats, enhancements, items and destinies makes it harder for enemies to resist the casters spells.

Spell Focus Feats

Spell Focus: <Spell School> feat adds +1 to the difficulty class of the spell.

Spell Focus: Necromancy and Spell Focus: Illusion are highly useful for wizards who wish to slay their enemies with spells such as Finger of Death and Phantasmal Killer, respectively.

On the other hand, Spell Focus: Evocation is often recommended to Sorcerers and Druids.

The available choices are:


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Spell Focus Enhancements[edit]

Spell Focus items[edit]

Spell Focus item enchantments, including the Spell Focus Mastery, also increase DC of the spell. They are Equipment bonuses, and thus stack with the feat.

On randomly generated items, school-specific Spell Focus is available up to +6 and Insightful +3.

On crafted items and set bonuses

  • You can use Cannith Crafting to craft school-specific Spell Focus +1 to +6 and Insightful +1 to +3.
  • You can use Cannith Crafting to craft universal Spell Focus Mastery +1 to +5
  • Alchemical Crafting (tier three) offers +2 bonus to selected schools (Evocation, Transmutation, Conjuration, or Enchantment)
  • Thunder-Forged weapons can offer school-specific Spell Focus +6, or universal Spell Focus +3 (Equipment).
  • Slave Lords Crafting Slave Lord's Sorcery set bonus offers +1 to +4 (Artifact)
  • Seasons of Change sets: +1 / +2 Artifact bonus to Evocation DC

Rune Arms have a similar but different type of Focus that isn't directly tied to a Spell School but to the Rune Arm itself. These bonuses Increase the DC of the spell on the Rune Arm at the base regardless of the charge level.

This enchantment is also available on many named items.

Other stacking bonuses exist:

Spell Focus Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Spell School Specialist, Tier 2 Magister: +1 to +3 to the DC of a particular school. Requires you to have the Spell Focus feat for that school.
  • Precise Casting: Evocation, Tier 2 Draconic Incarnation: +1/2 DC to spells of the selected school.

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