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Spell Focus

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Spell Focus

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These feats, enhancements, items and destinies makes it harder for enemies to resist the casters spells.

Spell Focus Feats

Spell Focus: <Spell School> feat adds +1 to the difficulty class of the spell.

Spell Focus: Necromancy and Spell Focus: Illusion are highly useful for wizards who wish to slay their enemies with spells such as Finger of Death and Phantasmal Killer, respectively.

On the other hand, Spell Focus: Evocation is often recommended to Sorcerers and Druids.

The available choices are:


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Spell Focus Enhancements[edit]

Spell Focus items[edit]

Spell Focus item enchantments, including the Spell Focus Mastery, also increase DC of the spell. They are Equipment bonuses, and thus stack with the feat.

On randomly generated items, school-specific Spell Focus is available up to +6 and Insightful +3.

On crafted items and set bonuses

  • You can use Cannith Crafting to craft school-specific Spell Focus +1 to +6 and Insightful +1 to +3.
  • You can use Cannith Crafting to craft universal Spell Focus Mastery +1 to +5
  • Alchemical Crafting (tier three) offers +2 bonus to selected schools (Evocation, Transmutation, Conjuration, or Enchantment)
  • Thunder-Forged weapons can offer school-specific Spell Focus +6, or universal Spell Focus +3 (Equipment).
  • Slave Lords Crafting Slave Lord's Sorcery set bonus offers +1 to +4 (Artifact)
  • Seasons of Change sets: +1 / +2 Artifact bonus to Evocation DC

This enchantment is also available on many named items.

Other stacking bonuses exist:

Spell Focus Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Spell School Specialist, Tier 2 Magister: +1 to +3 to the DC of a particular school. Requires you to have the Spell Focus feat for that school.
  • Precise Casting: Evocation, Tier 2 Draconic Incarnation: +1/2 DC to spells of the selected school.

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