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  • DDO Since 2005
  • Main Avatars: Bladedge, Illyria
  • Location: Fernia and/or Ghallanda
  • Premium player
  • Ex-Mournlander
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  • Current Project: Cosmetics , Events
  • Past Projects: Items, Feats, Items, Quests, Spells
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Bladedge Sandbox:


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Clean up" (remove unnecessary data) to produce smaller file sizes from .png .jpg images.:

PngOptimizer - - I been using this one for a few years already since png was brought to my attention.

JPEG Optimizer - - still use this when posting jpgs. Yes it works in Win 10.

Image Optimization and Converter


Use "Item:" for armor and weapons pages moves and creations.

Item Description templates - Item Description templates

{{clicky||5|50|15}} - 0 Charges (Recharged/Day:)

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Tips & Tricks[edit]


Wikisortable tooltip with BG color Header styling, links, and markup to display sort tooltip header

Links and wikilinks are allowed in sortable headers (tooltips over links will indicate the sorting operation). Styling markup in a header may cause that column to be unsortable - see bug 31755. There is a workaround.

Styling workaround: use style="background-color:...;" instead of style="background:...;" e.g.:

  • See Saga for DDO example

DDO Store[edit]


Create Page for:


* {{MiscEffects|Unwieldy}}
* [[:Category:Unwieldy items]]
|unwieldy = {{Long popup|2='''[[Unwieldy]]:''' This weapon is very large and makes you clumsier as you wield it, causing a -2 [[Dexterity]] penalty. |1=[[Unwieldy]]}}{{#vardefine:MiscEffects|Unwieldy}}

Special events[edit]

Retired Events[edit]

  • The Marketplace Bazaar History
  • Emerald Claw Conspiracy
  • Festival of Olladra, The
  • Hide and Seek
  • New Theater Event
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Trade or No Trade
  • Trivia Contest
  • Welcome Back

How to take good DDO pics[edit]

How to make your images look good before uploading to DDO wiki.

If possible max the following settings Including :

DDO's in game .jpg screen-shot feature is more then sufficient for captures which Do Not contain text.

  • DO focus your image on what the item is being show
  • DO not use a busy or distracting background


  • DO crop the image of anything that is not related to the monster ex party members.
  • DO avoid taking the image when spells, players, pets, hit numbers are in view of the monster.
  • DO avoid taking the image with the monster hp bar.
  • DO ZOOM the camera in as close as possible to take a full body pose of the monster.


Weapon: Use the attack stance (auto-attack)

  • DO use good lighting.
  • DO crop the image of anything that is not related or needed show off the weapon.
  • DO NOT include your full body armor, helm , shield, location, party members for a picture of a dagger.
  • DO ZOOM in as close as possible to the weapon. But make it look heroic.

Goggles, Helmet and Armor: log out of the game and take a screen shot of the character in the armor from character selection screen. Zoom in for helms and goggles. But the back of the armor/helm is just as impressive as the front. Take picture of back and front and in the image editor, put both Images together.

Shield pan the camera and focus on the shield in blocking or the relax stance (the few seconds after active shield block) . Try to find a area that has nice lighting which can be reflected on the shield. Since shields scale with the race being used Half-orc or Warforged will provide a bigger viewing area of the shield.

  • DO Crop you image and focus more on the shield.

Item Descriptions[edit]

Item description: DDO's in game screen capture uses .jpg which uses lossy compression and is poor when use for Item text descriptions. The description text loses color can make the image look wash out and faded.

If possible use a 3rd party screen capture program like Fraps which would save image as .bmp and in a image/photo editor save as .png this will retain the colors of the text.

  • DO crop off the wings
  • DO increase the Canvas size NOT the Image size to 420px.
  • DO NOT cut or crop off the color borders beyond the wings.
  • DO NOT resize the deception image. all UI images in DDO regardless of your screen resolution does not change.
  • DO NOT lower the default settings when saving the image. Use auto detect or leave at the default settings. Lowing the save settings will cause the image to become graining and blurry.
  • DO NOT cut off any information this includes cost, weight, durability, favor text.
  • DO NOT Take the image with a lock Icon, players name, yellow or red warning text unless it is absolute necessary to get the image.
  • DO NOT use any color other then black if you feel the need to omit a player's name.
  • DO AVOID using a transparent skin that allows you to see thru the items text box and see the game world.
  • DO AVOID using skin that changes the borders of the item unless it is absolute necessary to get the image.

File Type[edit]

  • DO NOT convert .jpg to .png
  • DO NOT use gif.
  • DO convert .bmp to .png
  • .bmp to .png yes
  • .bmp to .jpg yes
  • .png to .jpg situational (with text: no) (smaller file size with no text: yes)
  • .jpg to .png no (unless it results in smaller file size and does not include text)



  • Find Brawnpits
  • Speak with Brawnpits
  • Follow Brawnpits
  • Explain theater to Brawnpits
  • Convince Brawnpits to become an actor
  • Earn Brawnpits' trust
  • Bring Brawnpits some water
  • Crush rocks for Brawnpits' hearth: 6 total
  • Bring Brawnpits the crushed rocks
  • Collect some firewood for Brawnpits: 4 total
  • Seek blessing of the sky spirit
  • Do not let Brawnpits die
  • Warn Brawnpits of danger
  • Lead Brawnpits to the caravan
  • (Optional) Brothers Grim survive (15% of base XP)
  • (Optional) Defeat the enraged hearth spirits: 8 total (30% of base XP)
  • (Optional) Find and defeat more rock spirits: 6 total (30% of base XP)


  • Quest failure (if Brawnpits dies)
  • Spawning/respawning monsters
  • Mandatory jumping game.
  • Protect an NPC (mandatory: Brawnpits)
  • Quest item collection (mandatory: 4 firewood)

|traps=None |misc=

  • This quest involves fighting along the top of cliff, as well as leaping across gaps - be sure to bring a Feather FallingIcon tooltip.pngFeather Falling: This item is engraved with feathers and bestows a powerful magical effect. Whenever the wearer begins to fall from any height, this effect slows the descent dramatically, causing the wearer to fall like a feather. item if possible.
  • Stealing something (which will be a collectable) from the Giant's sack spawns a fight with Thum Grim and Nale Grim.
  • Use the altar in front of the shrines before collecting the water at the waterfall. Using the waterfall first will give you "Cursed Water" and will spawn 2 hostile Water Elementals that do frost damage. You will also get hit with Freezing Spray, which makes you extra vulnerable to cold water.
    • Quest item: Blessed Water - "This is clear mountain water, gathered from a waterfall."
    • Cursed Water - "Something about this water just does not smell right."
      • Brawnpits won't accept cursed water.
  • To crush rocks, you need to fight and defeat several Earth Elementals; they are quiescent until you approach them, giving you a chance to defeat the restless animals which are usually nearby. Alternatively, you can go through Mammoth and Rocky Valleys before giving Brawnpits the water and fight the animals separately, if you wish to deal with the elementals on their own.
  • The extra earth elementals for the Optional are mostly down the Rocky Valley; the final one, however, is near the north shrine, which is accessible only by jumping down from the upper level (from near the northeast pile of firewood). There is an extra set of shrines here.
  • Thum Grim can toss you up to the firewood. Talk to him, then stand on the cauldron in front of him and talk to him again, and he will kick you up. Be sure you're in the center of the cauldron, as your positioning determines the angle at which you are kicked.
  • If you stole from and therefore fought (and killed) the Grim Brothers, you can get to the upper level by going to the northwest corner of the map (through the Rocky Valley) and running up the slope.
  • There are 6 piles of Firewood; you only need to collect 4, but picking up each pile will spawn a fire elemental. The last two spawn when you come back to Brawnpits after collecting firewood.
    • Quest item: Firewood - "Chips and planks that may once have been part of a barrel."
  • Eat Brawnpit's Stew to gain 15 minutes of Jump +30Icon tooltip.pngJump +30: Passive: +30 Competence bonus to the Jump skill..
  • The Sky Altar requires you to jump across several gaps. Even with the stew's jump bonus, Feather Fall is still required for most classes. It's actually easier to start by going up the northwest slope, rather than having Thum Grim kick you.
  • After speaking to the Sky Spirit, you're given a 30-second Feather Fall; you should be able to jump and land in Brawnpit's Camp.
  • On any difficulty above hard (Heroic up to Epic Elite) Tieflings may spawn at the altar. The Sky Spirit will be aggressive until they are defeated.
    • Like any Air Elemental, the Sky Spirit can throw you around, and possibly off the platform.
  • The Tieflings which attack Brawnpits are Evil Outsiders; they're immune to cold and fire.
  • You don't get the "Brother Grims Survive" Optional until you get near them with Brawnpits; at this point, you can no longer open their sack, however, Brawnpits will give you "Holiday Presents" (an extra chest, spawns Grim's Bracelet) for completing this Optional.
  • On Elite:
    • As soon as you get the objective to jump up to the Air Shrine, quite a few respawning casters will appear on the rocks you need to jump on to get up to it, and they cast Phantasmal Killer quite a bit, so a Deathblock item will come in very handy. You can bypass the casters by having one member of the party jump up to the shrine before turning in the firewood and simply having them use the air shrine as soon as the rest of the party is ready to defend Brawnpits.
    • Brawnpits' canine Messengers will spawn just before you reach the caravan with him and attack.

Epic Strategy[edit]

  • Clear your way to Brawnpits, do not touch the big backpack where the giants are on the way.
  • After talking to Brawnpits and receiving the first objective of obtaining the blessed water, clear the map of all wolves and clear the spiders up rock canyon. Spiders can be stunned to make that part of the task a little easier.
  • Return the water to Brawnpits and obtain the crush rock objective. Head up rock canyon and a good crowd control caster can Otto's Irresistible Dance the Earth Elementals. Clear all of the earth eles and then use the hidden shrine in the north east corner of the map (There is an earth ele there as well).
  • Return the crushed rocks and get the firewood objective. Fire Elementals can be danced just the same as the earth eles. Collect just enough Firewood to complete the objective.
  • Upon returning the firewood to Brawnpits, 2 more Fire Elementals will spawn and attack Brawnpits. Dance them and take them out.
  • As soon as you get the objective to jump up to the Air Shrine, quite a few casters will appear on the rocks you need to jump across to get up to the objective, and they cast Meteor Swarm a lot. They will re-spawn as you jump from rock to rock, so do not jump back and forth. The Sky Spirit will be hostile as long as there are Tieflings and other creatures on the same rock as him. Kill them to be able to talk to him and advance the quest.
  • Quickly jump from the Air Elemental's shrine to Brawnpits and kill the spawns there. At this point everyone that needs to shrine should use the one at the Water Element's shrine.
  • Clear up to Brawnpits nephews. After collecting the "Holiday Presents" continue on and clear one more set of mobs, this is last set before the end fight. Park Brawnpits here and hit him with every extended buff you have. All player characters at this point need to go back and use the shrine at Brawnpits' camp. After shrining, everyone should head back to Brawnpits and buff up.
  • Brawnpits' canine Messengers, 1 more spirit of the hearth, along with several re-spawning tieflings will spawn just before you reach the caravan with him and attack.

Bonus XP[edit]

  • Aggression bonus: 85 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♣172 ♦234 ♥330 ♠−0 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 110 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣259 ♦351 ♥495 ♠−0 )
  • Conquest bonus: 134 or more monsters killed +25% Bonus.( ♣431 ♦585 ♥825 ♠−0 )
    • Notes: Onslaught and Conquest are only available on elite/epic. Onslaught requires minor respawn killing, Conquest requires heavy respawn killing.

External Links[edit]

CuriousGIS Quest Guide |chest=♦  2 /Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥  2 /Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠  3Icon tooltip.pngElite

    • 1 for earning Brawnpits' trust (found at Brawnpits' camp)
    • 1 after Brawnpits tells the Brothers Grim to leave, if you didn't fight and kill them earlier (found at Grim Brothers' Camp)
    • ♦  0 /Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥  0 /Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠  1Icon tooltip.pngElite at the end


    • Moss in a dead-end north of where you start
    • Moss in another dead-end just to the east
    • Mushroom behind a tree north of the Grim Brothers' Camp, at the fork
    • Mushroom behind a tree in a dead-end just southeast of the camp (The Slithering Pass)
    • Mushroom behind bushes south-center of the map (bottom of the slope before meeting Brawnpits)
    • Flowering Plant just east of the mountain spring
    • Another Flowering Plant just east of that, behind some bushes
    • Mushroom northeast of Brawnpits' camp
    • Mushroom slightly to the northwest
    • Mushroom up the hill to the northwest
    • Mushroom due east of that, in the northeast corner of the map
    • Moss southwest of that
    • Moss in the northwest corner, past the Rocky Valley
    • Flowering plant near the northern shrines
    • Flowering plant near the northwest firewood
  • Rest are all on the Winding Cliffs (upper level)
    • Moss south of Brawnpits' Camp
    • Flowering Plant nearby
    • Mushroom nearby
    • Moss to the northeast (have to leap across several gaps), on way to Giants' Altar
    • Flowering plant east of where Thum Grim throws you (unsure how to get there)
    • Fungus Patch south of that (unsure how to get there)
    • Mushroom south of that (unsure how to get there)

|npcreward=Standard, list of 8 items, 0-1 level items |unique= yes |monsters= Monster Information

Named Monsters:

}} -->