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Exclusive items[edit]

Players cannot have multiple of those in their inventory, although they can have as many as they want in their bank.

  • Quest flagging tokens for Against the Demon Queen - these items are also "binds on acquire"
  • Certain named items like Ring of Spell Storing and such, as carrying an extensive number of these items is considered game-breaking.

Tip: When you carry an exclusive item, and you open a chest containing the same item, you cannot loot it. As a workaround, destroy the item in your inventory and loot the chest. Then put the new item into your bank; you can find the destroyed item in the buyback tab of any vendor. Note: Tests on items in 2024 indicate that some Exclusive items - possibly all of them, although this is unconfirmed - no longer appear in the buyback tab of vendors, meaning that such items, when discarded, are permanently lost. For caution's sake, avoid discarding any items with slotted Augments or Sentient Jewels, or Mythic and/or Reaper bonuses, as there is now a chance they will be destroyed.

See also[edit]

  • Bind - definitions of various bind status of items