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Update 54 named items

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Dread pirate.jpg

Dread raptor.jpg

Mount Certificate Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Clawfoot.png Mount Certificate Dread Pirate's Swift Raptor.png



Raptor Teal 7.png Raptor Teal 32.png


Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Armor shown.jpg Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Helm shown.jpg Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Hide shown.jpg

Dread Pirate's Cape shown.jpg Dread Pirate's Longcoat shown.jpg Dread Pirate's Tricorn shown.jpg

Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Armor.png Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Helm.png Dread Dinosaur Hunter's Hide.png

Dread Pirate's Cape.png Dread Pirate's Longcoat.png Dread Pirate's Tricorn.png

Creature companions[edit]

Dread Raptor Chick.jpg Dread Triceratops Hatchling.jpg

Dread Raptor Chick Certificate.png Dread Triceratops Hatchling Certificate.png


Tome of Destiny +1 (Dread).png

Tabaxi Trailblazer starter gear[edit]

Item Race Type Enhancements
Feline-Faced Buckle
Feline-Faced Buckle.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Belt 
Trailblazer's Footwraps
Trailblazer's Footwraps.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Boots 
Ringed Bracer
Ringed Bracer.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Bracers 
Trailblazer's Tattered Scarf
Trailblazer's Tattered Scarf.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Cloak 
Trailblazer's Outfit
Trailblazer's Outfit.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Clothing 
Trailblazer's Outfit (cosmetic)
Trailblazer's Outfit (cosmetic).png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Cosmetic Armor 
Trailblazer's Tattered Scarf (cosmetic)
Trailblazer's Tattered Scarf (cosmetic).png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Cosmetic Cloak 
Trailblazer's Resilient Hood (cosmetic)
Trailblazer's Resilient Hood (cosmetic).png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Cosmetic Headwear 
Cloth Half-Sleeve
Cloth Half-Sleeve.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Gloves 
Shaded Lenses
Shaded Lenses.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Goggles 
Trailblazer's Resilient Hood
Trailblazer's Resilient Hood.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Helmet 
Navigator's Medallion
Navigator's Medallion.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Necklace 
Trailblazer's Branch
Trailblazer's Branch.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Quarterstaff 
Claw-Carved Band
Claw-Carved Band.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Ring 
Vineweave Ring
Vineweave Ring.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Ring 
Heirloom Map Case
Heirloom Map Case.png
Tabaxi Trailblazer Trinket 
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