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Heighten Spell

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Icon Feat Heighten Spell.png
Heighten Spell

  • Usage: Active, Toggled Metamagic
  • Prerequisite: Must be able to cast 2nd level spells


This Feat makes spells harder for monsters to resist by raising the effective level of the spell to the highest spell level your character can cast, but causes the spell to consume 5 more spell points per level raised.

Example: A Wizard who can cast Level 9 spells could therefore cast a Level 1 spell at the Level 9 Difficulty Class (DC) calculation with Heighten Spell active. Spell DC calculation is: 10 + (spell level) + (pertinent stat modifier). Our example Wizard here uses his Intelligence modifier to determine his DC calculation. So per this example, this Wizard's DC calculation for the Charm Person spell (a Level 1 spell) with Heighten Spell metamagic Feat active would be cast at Level 9. So his DC calculation would be: 10 + 9 (instead of 1) + (INT modifier) and would cost 40 (+8 spell levels times +5 SP for each level) extra Spell Points to cast.

Heighten Spell has no effect on spells without a Saving Throw and does not affect Spell Penetration calculations.

Multiple metamagic Feats may be active simultaneously, but the SP cost is cumulative. Using the Charm Person example above, having both Heighten Spell and Enlarge Spell active will increase the SP cost to (40 + 10) = 50 additional Spell Points.


  • The Heighten Spell metamagic Feat benefits low-level spells more than higher-level ones, as the amount Heightened is greater from the lower levels (but thus more costly, too). For example, casting a L1 spell at L9 benefits more than a L8 spell being cast at L9. But in all cases, casting your spells at higher levels is usually a very good thing when trying to overcome the Saving Throws of enemies.
  • Like all metamagic feats, Heighten Spell can be applied for free to SLAs.
  • Artificers, Bards, and Warlocks can only cast up to six (6) spell levels, Heighten Spell metamagic feat can be less important for these classes.
  • Paladins and Rangers can only cast up to four (4) and usually don't have many spells that rely on beating enemy saving throws.
  • Heighten will increase the DCs of a class's spells based on that particular class's spellcasting ability. This means that a 17/3 Wiz/Drd will heighten Wiz spells up to level 9 spells but will only heighten Drd spells up to level 2 spells (even though that character can cast up to level 9 spells).

Quirk: The way DDO calculates the DC of heightened spells is somewhat flawed if you have effects that increase or decrease your caster level. For example, a level 15 Sorcerer Fire Savant can heighten his Fire spells to level 9, because his caster level for Fire spells is enough to cast level 9 spells. Conversely, when an Air Savant casts Flesh to Stone (Earth spell), Heighten can actually decrease the DC of the spell because of the caster level penalty to Earth spell. DDO Forums Since Update 55, Heighten Spell can no longer lower your spell DCs.


Spells affected by Heighten Spell[edit]

Spell School Art Brd Clr Drd Fvs Pal Rng Sor/Wiz
Bestow Curse Necromancy 3 3 4
Sleep (spell) Enchantment 1 1
Hypnotism Enchantment 1 1
Chill Touch Necromancy 1
Glitterdust Conjuration 2 2
Web Conjuration 2
Daze Monster Enchantment 2 2
Hypnotic Pattern Illusion 2 2
Command Undead Necromancy 2
Scare Necromancy 2 2
Stinking Cloud Conjuration 3
Deep Slumber Enchantment 3 3
Hold Person Enchantment 2 2 2 3
Halt Undead Necromancy 3
Ray of Exhaustion Necromancy 3
Slow (spell) Transmutation 3 3
Charm Monster Enchantment 3 4
Crushing Despair Enchantment 3 4
Fear (spell) Necromancy 3 4
Cloudkill Conjuration 5
Feeblemind Enchantment 5
Hold Monster Enchantment 4 5
Mind Fog Enchantment 5 5
Cone of Cold Evocation 5
Bane (spell) Enchantment 1 1
Doom Necromancy 1 1
Inflict Light Wounds Necromancy 1 1
Inflict Moderate Wounds Necromancy 2 2
Soundburst Evocation 2 2 2
Inflict Serious Wounds Necromancy 3 3
Inflict Critical Wounds Necromancy 4 4
Holy Smite Evocation 4 4
Poison (spell) Necromancy 4 3 4
Flame Strike Evocation 5 4 5
Greater Command Enchantment 5 5
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass Necromancy 5 5
Slay Living Necromancy 5 5
Ball Lightning Evocation 4 5
Cause Fear Necromancy 1 1 1 1
Deific Vengeance Conjuration 2 2
Glyph of Warding Abjuration 3 3
Symbol of Flame Evocation 4 4 4
Disintegrate Transmutation 6
Harm Necromancy 6 6
Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass Necromancy 6 6
Blade Barrier Evocation 6 6 6
Chain Lightning Evocation 6 5 6
Incendiary Cloud Conjuration 8
Horrid Wilting Necromancy 8
Sunburst Evocation 8 8
Trap the Soul Conjuration 8
Panacea Conjuration 4 5 4
Symbol of Fear Necromancy 6 6 6
Symbol of Persuasion Enchantment 6 6 6
Symbol of Stunning Enchantment 7 7 7
Symbol of Weakness Necromancy 7 7 7
Symbol of Pain Necromancy 5 5 5
Circle of Death Necromancy 6
Flesh to Stone Transmutation 6
Hold Person, Mass Enchantment 7
Delayed Blast Fireball Evocation 7
Control Undead Necromancy 7
Greater Shout Evocation 6 8
Hold Animal Enchantment 2 2
Snare Transmutation 3 2
Close Wounds Conjuration 2 2
Contagion Necromancy 3 3 3 4
Chaos Hammer Evocation 4 4
Order's Wrath Evocation 4 4
Unholy Blight Evocation 4 4
Cometfall Conjuration 6 6
Greater Glyph of Warding Abjuration 6 6
Undeath to Death Necromancy 6 6 6
Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass Necromancy 7 7
Heal, Mass Conjuration 9 9
Fire Storm Evocation 8 7 8
Holy Aura Abjuration 8 8
Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass Necromancy 8 8
Fire Trap Abjuration 2 2 4
Tenser's Transformation Transmutation 5 6
Ghoul Touch Necromancy 2
Ooze Puppet Transmutation 2
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere Evocation 6
Lesser Death Aura Necromancy 2
Negative Energy Burst Necromancy 4
Death Aura Necromancy 4
Necrotic Ray Necromancy 6
Prismatic Ray Evocation 5
Prismatic Spray Evocation 7
Gust of Wind Evocation 2 2
Destruction (spell) Necromancy 7 7
Dominate Monster Enchantment 9
Elemental Prod Evocation 2
Prismatic Strike Evocation 5
Tactical Detonation Evocation 6
Static Shock Evocation 1
Lightning Sphere Evocation 2
Lightning Motes Evocation 4
Blast Rod Evocation 3
Charm Animal Enchantment 1 1
Faerie Fire Evocation 1
Animal Trance Enchantment 2
Cold Breath Evocation 5
Dominate Animal Enchantment 3
Call Lightning Evocation 3
Salt Ray Evocation 3
Quench Transmutation 3
Enveloping Swarm Conjuration 4
Freezing Spray Evocation 7
Snowslide Evocation 9
Earthquake Evocation 8
Jaws of Winter Innate Attack 6
Sunbeam Evocation 7
Word of Balance Evocation 6
Sun Bolt Evocation 3
Mass Charm Monster Enchantment 6 8
Color Spray Illusion 1 1
Iceberg Evocation 9
Acid Well Conjuration 9
Rend the Soul Necromancy 9
Tsunami Evocation 9
Vial of Acid Conjuration
Vial of Flame Conjuration
Vial of Frost Conjuration
Vial of Sparks Conjuration
Vial of Venom Conjuration
Empty Bottle Conjuration
Fine Dust Transmutation
Sleep Powder Transmutation
Vial Smash: Acid Conjuration
Elemental Obliteration Conjuration
Multivial Conjuration
Spellvial Conjuration
Vial Smash: Cold Conjuration
Vial Smash: Electric Conjuration
Vial Smash: Fire Conjuration
Vial Smash: Poison Conjuration
Multivial of Acid Conjuration
Multivial of Flame Conjuration
Multivial of Frost Conjuration
Multivial of Sparks Conjuration
Multivial of Poison Conjuration
Elemental Concentration Conjuration
Acid Concentration Conjuration
Flame Concentration Conjuration
Frost Concentration Conjuration
Sparks Concentration Conjuration
Venom Concentration Conjuration
Caustic Solvent Conjuration
Bitter Frost Burst Conjuration
Heartstopper Poison Conjuration
Molotov Cocktail Conjuration
Voltaic Induction Conjuration
Flash Powder Transmutation
Greater Venom Vial Conjuration