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Devour the Soul

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Icon Enhancement Devour the Soul.png
Name: Devour the Soul
School: Necromancy
Spell Level:
Components: None
SLA: Soul Eater
Cost: None
Metamagic: Quicken, Enlarge, Heighten
Target: Unknown SLA target Enemy
Range: Unknown SLA range
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Will
DC: 16 + Charisma modifier + Necromancy modifiers
Spell Resistance: Yes
Cooldown: 15 seconds


Official: You consume the soul of your targeted enemy, killing it instantly unless it makes a Will saving throw with a DC of 18 + Warlock level + Charisma bonus. This ability is considered a Necromancy spell. This ability works on undead, but not constructs and other creatures with no lifeforce. If the target survives then it loses 20 PRR and MRR for 6 seconds.

  • Bug: Actual DC formula: DC 10 (base) + 6 (level) + cha mod + necro school modifiers, effectively making the actual DC 22 points lower than expected.DDO Forums