Year of the Dragon: Through April 23rd, claim the adventure pack Slice of Life for free! Speak to Xatheral in the Hall of Heroes.

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Free To Play

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(Originally from From Module 9/Unlimited Release Notes)

DDO Unlimited introduces an innovative new way to play - you can download and play DDO for free! For even more action and fun, you can purchase additional adventures, convenience items, and account services at your leisure from the new DDO Store. Can't get enough of DDO? You can even subscribe, becoming a "VIP", to get unlimited access to all of the game's content. To learn more about playing for free or becoming a VIP, visit the DDO website, VIP section (Become a VIP).

Current benefits[edit]

  • DDO Points: DDO Points can be used by Free to Play accounts to unlock other elements of the game. Purchasable or earned through Total Favor.
  • Classes: 12 classes are free to all. Alchemist must be purchased. Favored Soul must be purchased or unlocked with Favor. Artificer must be purchased or unlocked with House Cannith Favor.
  • Races: 11 races are free to all. Aasimar, Shifter, and Tabaxi must be purchased. Warforged is not free but can easily be unlocked per server with Favor or purchased.
  • Adventure Packs: Many quests are free, but adventure packs open wider options for gear, leveling, and more.
  • Character Slots: 3 per server, may purchase more
  • Shared Bank Slot: Can purchase
  • Chat: Limited (Public Chat Channels: 10 messages in 5 minutes - Say/Shout: 10 messages in 5 minutes - Tells: 3 unique people/minute)
  • Auctions: Limited to one item up for sale at a time and one sale posting per login
  • Mail: Limited. True Reincarnated characters that exceed the gold limit cannot send mail.
  • Gold Storage: Limited to 1,250 pp at level 1, doubling each level until it reaches the technical limit of about 4.3 million pp.
  • DDO Store items: Unbound store items cannot be traded or mailed. They can however be placed in guild chests.
  • Guilds: Must purchase a Guild Charter to create a guild; can join guilds free.
  • Customer Service: Self-service online only
  • Idle Auto-logout: 30 minutes

Out-of-date benefits[edit]

  • Login Queue: Low. Due to a spree of bugs, DDO's login queue was disabled immediately after DDO Unlimited launched. It has never been reactivated, and as such any character logging onto a full server will simply receive an error message - not that this has happened for several years.
  • DDO Compendium: Read Only. The in-game Compendium has been non-functional for several years.
  • Official Forums: Can store only 10 private messages, cannot give reputation for posts, permanent ban for two infractions regardless of severity. They also need to wait a few days from account creation before being able to post. As of the update to the new forums, all accounts except staff are treated identically.
  • Beta Priority: Normal (Technically the same as a premium account by all account thus far.) DDO's limited beta programme was discontinued several years ago, to be replaced with the Player's Council (a fixed roster of prominent players which is updated on a once-yearly basis) and Lamannia preview server (open for a few short periods before each major update, free to all.) Occasional extra Lamannia previews are extended to content creators, including the wiki, but these are very intermittent (the last on record was the Epic Destiny revamp in U51) and appear to be unrelated to account type.

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