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Item:Boots of Anchoring

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Icon ItemSlot Feet.png

Boots of Anchoring

Minimum level 18 Boots Generic Dark.png
Item Type Clothing / Boots
Slot Feet
Race Absolutely Required None
Binding Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
Durability 110
Material LeatherIcon tooltip.pngLeather: Leather armor is made of the hide of animals. It provides decent protection without excessively restricting the user's movements.
Hardness 15
Base Value 00064050006,405ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0.10 lbs
Location Crafted, Crafted in Amrath by Liella d'Orien
Boots of Anchoring.png
Upgradeable? Fully upgraded
Description Crafted by Liella d'Orien, these boots ward against time and planar displacement effects.

Liella d'Orien will craft these boots from four items collected from Devil-related quests. The Boots have no other stats other than Anchoring, which makes you immune to Haste and Banishment. This item is used to prevent yourself from getting banished at the Horoth end fight in the Tower of Despair raid (which sends you back to Stormreach).

  • This is the only quest where this effect can occur, so the only quest where these boots are useful.
  • Immunity to Haste can be bypassed by taking them off, getting buffs then putting them back on - the boots don't dispel any buffs that you already have.
  • Crafting the Boots can be a long and bothersome process - The Banhammer can be used as a more convenient replacement, and backline characters may be able to get away with a high-charge Spell Absorption item (melee DPS characters and the tank should not rely on this.)

Boot Ingredients

You can find these ingredients from Amrath quests, Devil Assault, and The Shroud; or, as they are UnboundIcon tooltip.pngUnbound: This item is Unbound, and may take permanent damage., in the Auction House (although they are very rarely sold these days.) You need only 1 of each.

A New Invasion Bastion of Power Genesis Point Sins of Attrition The Weapons Shipment Wrath of the Flame Devil Assault The Shroud
3rd Floor Locked Chest
End Chest
End Chest Any End Chest Any End Chest Any End Chest
(not from optional)
End Chest End Chest
(elite/epic only)
NPC Reward
It's a useful adhesive, but don't drink it without preforming the right ritual first...
Demon's Blood
- yes - - very rare yes yes yes
This item held some personal attachment to a powerful denizen of this plane! Perhaps it can help you stay attached to your location.
Devil's Keepsake
- - - yes yes - yes yes
Artifact of those who came before. No one knows who they were, or cares, because all they seemed to be good at was making pottery and dingy stone ruins.
Mysterious Artifact
yes - - - very rare yes yes yes
It's like iron, just more heavy, more cold, and more dull.
Pure Shavarath Iron
- - yes - yes - yes yes

Once you have all 4 items, bring them to the Planar Travel NPC Liella d'Orien, who will send you out of Amrath. Select the bottom option to ask about the Boots of Anchoring, then give her the ingredients and she will make you a set. Be sure the 4 ingredients are in your main backpack, not your ingredients bag or Shared Crafting Storage.