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Green Steel item crafting steps

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Green Steel crafting, introduced with Module 6, is a way to create customized items using ingredients gathered in the Vale Explorer Area, the Vale quests, and The Shroud raid. In each of these areas, chests may contain Ingredient items, usually denoted with a Purple Background. All Green Steel ingredients can be gathered into Ingredient Bags.

For most of the crafting, access to Meridia, Tier 1 Favor with The Twelve (40 Favor), and completion of all 5 Pre-Raid quests in the Vale are required.

Getting ready for "Raid Loot" Crafting[edit]

One of the most prominent forms of Crafting in DDO is the "Raid Loot" system, which creates Green Steel Items. Green Steel Items are "blanks" that are manufactured, then upgraded through a series of crafting steps in The Shroud Raid area.

Preparing, or 'flagging', for the Shroud raid requires a few steps, outlined below. Without these you can't enter The Shroud.

Originally Posted by Valairea Satnarine

Subject: Urgent! Find me in Meridia!

I have an urgent need for your services and help in Meridia. Please come find me at your earliest possible convenience. I'm waiting for you next to the entrance of the Eldritch Chamber, below the tavern. Come quickly, I believe an entirely new realm of possibilities is about to fall open before us. - Valairea

  1. Go to The Twelve, and speak to Gustavine Kyerrh. He will give you the quest to find Meridia.
  2. While in The Twelve, speak to Jeanselme Brucetius to receive a Small Ingredients Bag.
  3. Exit the Tower of The Twelve, and go to the southwest corner to enter The Vale of Twilight.
  4. Explore The Vale until you locate Meridia, the town within The Vale. Rest, Repair, Bind, and speak to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven to advance your quest.
  5. You must now complete the 5 Pre-Raid quests with a difficulty setting of at least Normal and collect the Shavarath Stone in the end chest from each of these quests. Make sure you keep these Shavarath Stone items.
  6. Once you have 40 favor with The Twelve, you will receive an in-game mail notification. (Note: This can occur before completing all 5 quests, but you must complete them before you can complete all the steps below.) Go back to either Jeanselme Brucetius in The Twelve or Valairea Satnarine in Meridia and claim your favor rank and a Small Ingredients Bag. You can also purchase Small Ingredients Bags in House Phiarlan, Jorasco, or The Portable Hole; but since they are Exclusive, you can only have one in your backpack at a time.
    Warning!: If you already have one with you when you talk to Jeanselme, you will not receive the free one and you will not be able to try that option again. Instead, leave your Small Ingredients Bag in the bank before talking to Jeanselme.
  7. Now, go to Valairea Satnarine outside the Eldritch Chamber in the center of Meridia, and start her quest of Eldritch Device Tutorial.
  8. You now have access to the Altar of Fecundity in Meridia, and you can now begin crafting. In order to complete "Chapter 1: The Nature of Eldritch" of the quest, take all 5 items she gave to you (Chunk of Shavarath Dirt, Gnoll Whittled Branch, Polished White Marble Stone, Spider Spun Thread and Special Energy Cell) to the Altar of Fecundity. Select the recipe "Valairea's Combination" which will automatically select the required ingredients, then click "Mix Magically" to create a Glowing Orb. Bring this back to her. (Note: You need this to be in your Inventory. If it is in an ingredient bag, she won't recognize it.)
  9. Your quest should be advanced to "Chapter 2: Stones of Shavarath" now. In the end chests of the 5 pre-raid quests are 5 different Shavarath Stones (a different one in each); take one of each and put them in the Device to make a Shavarath Signet Stone (grey) - This Stone is a key ingredient to make your Green Steel Item. Again, make sure this is visible in your Inventory when you bring it back to Valairea.
  10. Then the Grandmaster Aaseamah will give you the quest of The Thirteenth Eclipse (The Shroud raid). If he does not advance your quest at this point, be certain you have collected your end rewards from each of the five quests. You have not actually "completed" the quest until you collect your reward.

You are now flagged for the Raid, and ready to start the real Crafting.

Ok, I am flagged for the Raid, Now what?[edit]

Raw Ingredients, Manufactured Ingredients and Crafting Altars[edit]

Crafting ingredients -
raw ingredients on the right, manufactured on the left

Now that you have access to the Raid, it is time to start Crafting. Along the way in The Vale and the 5 Pre-Raid Quests, you will have collected some Ingredients. Remember that all the Ingredients you get out of chests are considered Raw Ingredients. Raw Ingredients must be combined together, following the recipes, to create a Manufactured Ingredient. Manufactured Ingredients combine together to create an item.

There are different Altars to use for different steps in the Crafting process. Underneath Meridia is the Altar of Fecundity. The Altar of Fecundity is used to combine the Ingredients collected in The Vale and the Pre-Raid Quests, as well as the Shavarath Stones, to create your Green Steel Item, or your "blank" to upgrade later. Within the Raid, there are 3 additional Altars, each of which use different Ingredients to further upgrade your Green Steel Item.

The basic crafting process for the Altar of Fecundity is Raw Ingredients → Manufactured Ingredients → Green Steel Item. This means that you first combine Raw Ingredients according to the Altar of Fecundity - Raw Ingredient Recipes, to create your Manufactured Ingredients. You then combine the Manufactured Ingredients with your Shavarath Signet Stone following the Altar of Fecundity - Manufactured Ingredient Recipes to create a Green Steel Item.

WARNING: You cannot equip more than one Green Steel Clothing Item at this time (Weapons do not count). Doing so will cause you to take 5d8 (5-40) damage every 2 seconds until you die. If you receive a Raise Dead, or Release your Soul, you will likely die almost immediately after coming back to life. This is due to the Taint of Shavarath on the item, which must be cleansed by an Essence of Cleansing. The Essence is only available as a 20th completion reward of the Raid. You can freely dual-wield weapons however, and wear a single clothing item before obtaining an Essence.

Altar of Invasion

Once you run The Shroud and begin to collect various Raw Ingredients within the Raid, you can then begin to combine these ingredients, per the recipes, to add effects and enhancements to your Green Steel Weapon or Clothing. There are 3 categories of Ingredients within The Shroud, Small, Medium, and Large. The "Small" Ingredients are used at the Altar of Invasion, at the end of Stage 1. The "Medium" Ingredients are used at the Altar of Subjugation, at the end of Stage 3, and the "Large" Ingredients are used at the Altar of Devastation, at the end of Stage 5.

Power Cells[edit]

Each altar requires a Shavarath Energy Cell, which comes in Low, Medium, and High. Just like the Ingredients, Low is for Invasion, Medium is for Subjugation, and High is for Devastation. However, the Medium and High Energy Cells are usually found or purchased "Depleted". In order to charge a Depleted Energy Cell, you must sacrifice a weapon in your inventory to "charge" the Energy Cell. Upon examining the items in your inventory, each of them will display a large number in the upper-right-hand-corner known as the Plus Value (similar to Base price modifier). In order to Recharge a Depleted Medium Energy Cell, you must combine the Energy Cell with a weapon whose Plus Value is +6 or higher. In order to Recharge a Depleted high Energy Cell, you must combine the Energy Cell with a weapon whose Plus Value is +8 or higher. WARNING: The weapon is destroyed in this process. After this, your Shavarath Energy Cell will be ready for use.

Shard of Power[edit]

Shard of Power

In addition to the above, you also need an appropriate Shard of Power. There are, again, three levels of these Shards: Shard of Power, Shard of Great Power, and Shard of Supreme Power. Each can be easily identified even without inspection by looking at the number of "crystal knobs" extruding from the shard picture: 1 for the Shard of Power, 2 for the Shard of Great Power and 3 for the Shard of Supreme Power. These shards bind on acquire, so if you want to trade them you must do so while they are still in the chest, before they get looted.

Each shard is used at the appropriate Altar. A Shard of Power is combined with the Manufactured Ingredients to create an Imbued Shard of Power.

Finally, combine your Imbued Shard of Power, a Shavarath Energy Cell and your Green Steel Item to add effects to your item.

Overall Process[edit]

Inside the Raid, the Crafting process is as follows:

Notes on how the upgrades work[edit]

  • Bonus stacking
    • Each Altar has separate recipes resulting in different effects. Upgrading your Green Steel Item at subsequent altars continues to add new effects. Upgrades at a subsequent altar will simply add a new effect to your item, not replace earlier ones.
    • Most of these effects stack but some do not. Effects follow usual stacking rules where bonuses that share a name such as Enhancement, Resistance, Insight, and Regeneration Bonuses do NOT stack. Exceptional Bonuses will stack however, as long as they are not identical: a +1 Exceptional Charisma Bonus will stack with a +2 Exceptional Charisma Bonus for a total of +3 Charisma, but a +1 Exceptional Charisma Bonus will not stack with another +1 Exceptional Charisma Bonus, regardless of the bonus source.
  • Aspect properties
    • Each upgrade is identified as a separate focus: Negative, Positive, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Foci will interact with each other in interesting ways, providing additional effects on your item. These special interactions can be added at the Subjugation and Devastation Altars, depending on the combination of Foci that are added.
    • For example, if you add an upgrade with a Positive focus at Invasion and then again at Subjugation, you will get the Aspect of Positive Energy, and Raise Dead 1/day on your item. If you use Positive again at Devastation, you will get Greater Disruption on a Weapon or Greater Disruption GuardIcon tooltip.pngGreater Disruption Guard: This Item stores a holy and righteous power deep within. When the wearer of this item is successfully attacked in melee by undead, this power occasionally comes to the surface, annihilating enemy undead. on Clothing. If you instead used a difference essence (resulting in a different focus being added) you may get a different effect or none at all. You will always receive the bonuses listed for using individual essences. However, only the listed combinations of Foci on the Subjugation and Devastation Aspect tables will result in special bonuses.
    • See following for detailed information and list of aspect properties

Planning for your Crafted Item[edit]

Great Commander Green Steel Goggles of Wizardry VI - spell points and charisma skills.
Note: The spell generated by using Essence of Positive Energy twice has already been changed to Raise Dead from True Resurrection by developers.

The best thing to do is to plan ahead and research what you want to upgrade. This is very important, as if you make a mistake while upgrading your Green Steel Item, you will NOT be able to fix it, thus getting stuck with a different effect.

As an example of how to plan your Green Steel Item, say you want to craft a pair of Goggles, and go for Spell Points and Charisma Skills. This means that you want to go with Air/Escalation/Ethereal or Positive/Escalation/Ethereal, as both will give you the same base results. Let's also say that you decide that you like the Greater Disruption Guard over Air Guard, so you will go Positive/Escalation/Ethereal at all 3 Altars. Once you've decided it's time to look over the recipes and create your list of required Raw Ingredients:

So we first look at Altar of Fecundity - Manufactured Ingredient Recipes and work our way backwards. Green Steel Goggles require Filaments of Toil, Violet Taper, Wondrous Oil, Shavarath Signet Stone, and an Eberron Energy Cell. Some of the Tier 2 Recipes can be made more than one way, so there some items will have varying amounts needed… so we then look at Altar of Fecundity - Raw Ingredient Recipes to create our Ingredient List of:

Once these are all collected, go to the Altar of Fecundity underneath Meridia, and start combining your Raw Ingredients to create the required Manufactured Ingredients. Then take the Filaments of Toil, Violet Taper, and Wondrous Oil, along with your Shavarath Signet Stone and a Eberron Energy Cell, put them together, Mix Magically, and you will have your Green Steel Goggles.

Now, it is time to start running the Raid and collecting your Raw Ingredients for the 3 Altars. Positive/Escalation/Ethereal will require the following Ingredients:

Use these to create Inferior Focus of Positive Energy, Cloudy Gem of Escalation, and Diluted Ethereal Essence. Take these 3 Manufactured Ingredients, along with a Shard of Power and a Shavarath Low Energy Cell to imbue the Shard of Power with the Positive/Escalation/Ethereal mix. Then finally put the Imbued Shard of Power, a Shavarath Low Energy Cell, and your Green Steel Goggles in the Altar of Invasion, and they should now called Lieutenant Green Steel Goggles of Wizardry VI. Upon examination, it should have Wizardry VI, Charisma Skills - Exceptional Bonus +1, and Positive Energy Affinity.

Now, follow the same ingredient list above, but using Medium ingredients at the Subjugation Altar, and then Large Ingredients at the Devastation Altar to create your Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Goggles of Positive Energy with Wizardry VI, Charisma Skills -Exceptional Bonus +1, +2, and +3 (for +6 total), Elemental Spell Power (+50 SP), Greater Elemental Spell Power (+100 SP), Raise Dead 1/day, and Greater Disruption Guard!

Green Steel item crafting steps[edit]

Meridia - Altar of Fecundity[edit]

Altar of Fecundity - Raw Ingredient Recipes
Altar of Fecundity - Manufactured Ingredient Recipes

The Shroud Phase 1 - Altar of Invasion[edit]

Altar of Invasion - Raw Ingredient Recipes
Altar of Invasion - Manufactured Ingredient Recipes

The Shroud Phase 3- Altar of Subjugation[edit]

Altar of Subjugation - Raw Ingredient Recipes
Altar of Subjugation - Manufactured Ingredient Recipes

The Shroud Phase 5 - Altar of Devastation[edit]

Altar of Devastation - Raw Ingredient Recipes
Altar of Devastation - Manufactured Ingredient Recipes