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Favor Feats

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Favor Feats are Feats that you can acquire through accumulating Favor with the various patron factions. These are earned feats and cannot be selected through character leveling.

Types of Favor Feats[edit]

Favor is awarded through Tiers and certain rewards are shown in your favor feat area. Not all tiers are shown as Feats, but it appears like DDO is moving towards showing favor rewards as feats. With Update 41 Patch 3, DDO added several additional rewards for some of the patron factions.

Tier 1 Favor Feats[edit]

The Tier 1 favor feats are + 2 to two skills

Tier 2 Favor Feats[edit]

The Tier 2 favor feats are +5 Hit Point Bonus feats that are stackable.

Tier 3 Favor Feats[edit]

The Tier 3 favor feats are +2 Save Bonuses to various effects.

Tier 4 Favor Feats[edit]

The Tier 4 favor feats are also +2 Save Bonuses to various effects.

List of Favor Feats[edit]

Each patron faction has different favor feats.

Agents of Argonnessen[edit]

The Coin Lords[edit]

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Keepers of the Feather[edit]

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Purple Dragon Knights[edit]

Sharn City Council[edit]

The Summer Court[edit]

The Twelve[edit]