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Resting at rest shrines is the most common way to restore expended resources during a quest.

Resting provides various benefits:

  • You recover a number of hit points based on your level and the highest Heal skill of all nearby party members. The exact formula is
HP gained = 10 + (resting character's Level * 3) + (highest nearby Heal skill * 3)

Warforged characters are different and use this formula instead:

HP gained = 10 + (highest nearby Repair skill * 3)
  • You recover all spell points.
  • You fully recharge all character and item abilities that have a set number of uses per day.
    • Paladins and Clerics recharge their turn attempts. Staying in a tavern for 60 seconds has the same effect.
  • Classes that can change which spells they have memorized can do so. This option ends as soon as you take an action or move.

Resting also ends all temporary buffs and debuffs on you. Resting does not cure "permanent" status conditions such as blindness, curses, and some ability damage.

Monks have a different mechanic on their ki when resting. Their Meditation feat and other character and item abilities recharge, but any ki energy in excess of their stable ki will immediately drain from the character.


Depending on the difficulty setting, each rest shrine can be used either only once or only every few minutes, so it is common practice to "save" a shrine for future use if it is not immediately needed.

Monks who want to keep any ki in excess of their stored pool should never rest. Once a monk receives the Wholeness of Body feat, they will be able to use their ki to recharge their hit points anywhere in a quest.

All effects of resting apply at the end of the rest. Buffing teammates while they're resting is a waste, since those buffs get erased the moment they're done.

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