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Icon Feat Cleave.png


Activate this feat to attack one or more enemies in an arc in front of you. This attack deals +20% damage.

Cleave counts a full attack, dealing full special effect damage to all targets hit. This attack can doublestrike and is affected by your Attack Speed.

Prior to Update 45, it would also produce a glancing blow to each target (if using an appropriate weapon that allows them). Glancing blows have now been replaced by Strikethrough, which does not benefit Cleave or Great Cleave.


  • Great Cleave does not replace Cleave. Both abilities are on separate timers, allowing both to be used and chained together in a fight.
  • Paladins can take a Tier 2 Knight of the Chalice enhancement, Exalted Cleave. This does share a cooldown with Cleave.
  • Barbarians can take a Tier 3 Frenzied Berserker enhancement, Supreme Cleave. This has its own cooldown, allowing it to be chained with either/both other Cleaves.
  • Warlocks can take a Tier 3 Enlightened Spirit enhancement, Eldritch Burst. This does share a cooldown with Cleave.
  • Fighters may select this feat as one of their fighter bonus feats.