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While wielding a Two-Handed Weapon, or while wielding a Bastard Sword or Dwarven Axe in your main hand and a Shield, Orb, Rune Arm, or nothing in your offhand, your attacks can Strikethrough. When your attacks can Strikethrough, every attack has a chance ("Strikethrough Chance") to hit an additional target.

  • Strikethrough Chance begins at 20% while considered Two Handed Fighting (which can be improved through feats and enhancements)
  • If your Strikethrough Chance is over 100%, you will always attack a second target (if in range) with a chance to attack a third.
  • If your Strikethrough Chance is over 200%, you will always attack a third target (if in range) with a chance to attack a fourth.
  • If your Strikethrough Chance is over 300%, you will always attack a fourth target (if in range) with a chance to attack a fifth.
  • If your Strikethrough Chance is 400% or higher, you will always attack a fifth target (if in range). Strikethrough effectively caps at 400%, in that while higher values are possible, they do not provide chances to attack sixth or further targets.

Strikethrough was introduced in Update 45 and replaced Glancing blows.

Strikethrough Chance[edit]

  • Base: 20%
Epic abilities

Special attacks that strike through[edit]

Some special attacks are able to hit the secondary target(s). Based on DDO Forums.


Vile Chemist enhancements

  • Poisoned Attack (typical frontal cleave)


Battle Engineer enhancements

  • Caustic Strike
  • Shatter Defence
  • Thunder-Shock Weapon

Renegade Mastermaker enhancements

  • Mighty Slam
  • Battlefist


Frenzied Berserker enhancements

  • Cracking Attack
  • Exhausting Blow

Occult Slayer enhancements

  • Ear Smash
  • Vicious strike

Ravager enhancements

  • Cruel Cut
  • Hate
  • Slaughter


Swashbuckler enhancements

  • Blow by Blow
  • Coupe de Grace
  • En Pointe

Warchanter enhancements

  • Frozen Fury
  • Spinning Ice


  • Nature's defensive stance allows strikethrough. While in bear form, strikethrough works regardless of what weapons you wield.
  • Animal form spell Shred. Other bear form Innate Attack (school) spells (e.g. Maul (spell)) suspected but not confirmed.


Kensei enhancements


  • Finishing moves
  • Fire/air/water/earth strikes
  • Fists of Darkness
  • Fists of Light

Henshin Mystic enhancements

  • Elemental words (all-consuming flame, porous soul, static charge, winters touch)

Ninja Spy enhancements

  • Ninjutsu line (modify touch of despair finishers)

Shintao enhancements

  • Jade Strike
  • Tomb of Jade
  • Dismissing strike
  • Smite tainted[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Smite tainted" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]



Assassin enhancements

  • Shiv
  • Execute

Thief-Acrobat enhancements

  • Sly Flourish
  • Quick Strike


Epic abilities[edit]

  • Divine Crusader - Divine Smite (Provides the Paladin's Smite Evil feat)
  • Fury of The Wild - Boulder's Might
  • Unyielding Sentinel - Celestial Mandate

Special attacks that don't strike through[edit]

Void Strike (In update 46)