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Point Blank Shot

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Icon Feat Point Blank Shot.png
Point Blank Shot


Grants a +1 bonus to hit within 15 meters, and your ranged weapons deal +1[W]. (See weapon dice multiplier - A weapon that deals [1d6] damage per hit will deal 2*[1d6] damage per hit instead, while a weapon that deals [2d8] damage per hit will deal 2*[2d8] damage per hit instead. This effects the base dice of the associated weapon any time they are rolled, including critical hits.)


The notation'[W]' stands for your base weapon damage. So 2[1d6] if base is 1d6 or 2[2d4] if it is base 2d4. This essentially means your ranged weaponry will deal double base damage within 45 feet.

The feat Combat Archery gives an additional +1[W], but the effect does not double the base damage. The increase comes from double to triple as 3[1d6] if base is 1d6 or 3[2d4] if it is base 2d4.

Note that the /loc chat command shows your current location in meters.