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Skill search.png Search (Intelligence)

For information on searching a Wiki itself, see this meta-wiki article.


With the search skill you can locate secret doors and hidden objects like the control box of a trap. Note that there is no die roll involved; if your search skill is high enough, you'll always discover the object/door, and if it isn't you never will.

Traps with a DC of 20 or less can be found by any character (or hireling) with a high enough Search. If the DC is higher than 20, only classes with the Trapfinding feat can find them (i.e. only Rogues and Artificers, currently).

Boosting your search[edit]

Search is a skill and it can be affected by any ability that provides a bonus to skills. As a Rogue or Artificer, you want to be able to reach the maximum search skill you can reach.

  • There are relevant class/race/epic destiny enhancements or feats that increase your search skill.
  • You can have search items in your inventory and put them on when you have spotted a trap and want to search for it. Note that items with the same bonus type will not stack. Besides the items listed above, there are items that give a bonus to all Intelligence skills.
  • Boosting your Intelligence is an indirect way of raising your search skill. At low levels, you can use potions of Fox's Cunning to get a +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence that low level gear will not provide. This is equivalent to a +2 to search skill if you didn't have any Intelligence gear equipped. Note that enhancement bonuses do not stack.
  • Heroism potions will provide a +2 morale bonus to all skills. This doesn't stack with other morale bonuses. Since potions are usable from level 1 and do not require any skills, a respectable Rogue should always carry some.
  • If you have some UMD (a class skill for rogues and artificers), you can use Prayer scrolls for a +2 Luck bonus to all skills, Find Traps scrolls for a +1 Insight bonus to search, or even Greater Heroism scrolls to upgrade to a +4 Morale bonus.
  • There are other spells or abilities from other classes that will provide bonuses to skills. However, a rogue or artificer will not be able to take advantage of them unless partied with those other classes or multiclassing into those other classes.

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