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Magical Training

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Icon Feat Magical Training.png
Magical Training

  • Usage: Passive
  • Prerequisite: Ability to cast level 1 Spells.


Magical Training increases maximum spell points by 80. It also applies Echoes of Power if the caster drops below 12 spell points. Characters with this feat are considered proficient with orbs.

As of Update 19, this feat also grants +5% chance to Spell Critical.

This feat is the prerequisite for using the Feydark Illusionist enhancements tree.


Magical Training is automatically granted the first time that a character gains a level in any of the following classes: Alchemist, Artificer, Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, Sorcerer, Stormsinger, Warlock, or Wizard. It can only be taken once, however, so it is not advisable to take this feat if you plan to add any levels of these classes later.

Since Update 17, any character can take this feat.

This feat can be gained via specific enhancement trees:

This feat can be gained via the first core ability in these Epic Destinies: