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Rapid Shot

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Icon Feat Rapid Shot.png
Rapid Shot


You can make ranged attacks about 20% faster and reload faster when using a ranged weapon. It appears to make the bolts from a crossbow travel faster, ie there is less elapsed time from firing to striking the target, as of 1/7/2018. With Longbows and Shortbows, you also gain Ranged Power equal to 1.5x your Base Attack Bonus.

Rapid Shot affects Thrown Weapons, Crossbows (normal and repeating), and Bows, and stacks with Quick Draw and Rapid Reload.[official]


  • A Ranger automatically gains this Feat at 2nd level, even if he does not have the prerequisite for it.
  • As of February 2021, it does not stack correctly with repeating crossbows and Rapid Reload. A set of tests involving level 2 fighters and a Light Repeating Crossbow showed that Rapid Shot produced only a 12% increase bolts fired per minute compared to having no feats at all (other than proficiency), and a combination of Rapid Shot and Rapid Reload fired only 16% more bolts than Rapid Reload alone. More tests are needed to pinpoint the exact nature of the incorrect interaction.
  • Alchemists may select this feat as one of their alchemist bonus feats.
  • Artificers may select this feat as one of their artificer bonus feats.
  • Fighters may select this feat as one of their fighter bonus feats.