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Rapid Shot

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Icon Feat Rapid Shot.png
Rapid Shot


You can make ranged attacks about 20% faster and reload faster when using a ranged weapon. It appears to make the bolts from a crossbow travel faster, ie there is less elapsed time from firing to striking the target, as of 1/7/2018.

Rapid Shot affects Thrown Weapons, Crossbows (normal and repeating), and Bows, and stacks with Quick Draw and Rapid Reload.[official]


  • A Ranger automatically gains this Feat at 2nd level, even if he does not have the prerequisite for it.
  • As of February 2021, it does not stack correctly with repeating crossbows and Rapid Reload. A set of tests involving level 2 fighters and a Light Repeating Crossbow showed that Rapid Shot produced only a 12% increase bolts fired per minute compared to having no feats at all (other than proficiency), and a combination of Rapid Shot and Rapid Reload fired only 16% more bolts than Rapid Reload alone. More tests are needed to pinpoint the exact nature of the incorrect interaction.
  • Alchemists may select this feat as one of their alchemist bonus feats.
  • Artificers may select this feat as one of their artificer bonus feats.
  • Fighters may select this feat as one of their fighter bonus feats.