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Epic Past Life Feats

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Any Level 30 character, Heroic or Iconic, can choose to undergo Epic Reincarnation for an Epic Past Life.

Epic Past Life Feats[edit]

Unlike Heroic Past Life Feats, there is only one kind of Epic Past Life Feat, but every Epic Past Life Feat has both an Active and a Passive component.

  • "<ED Sphere> Past Life Stance:" is toggled on or off, with only 1 active stance allowed per Epic Destiny Sphere.
  • "Passive Bonus:" is active continuously, and stacks up to 3 times with itself
    • The Passive Bonus stacks with similar or same bonuses from other sources, including other Past Life Feats
    • With 3 stacks of each past life and 4 past lives per sphere, there is a maximum of 12 stacks of the Passive Bonus from that sphere

During the Epic Reincarnation process you choose one Epic Past Life feat. Your choice is not restricted based neither on your class nor which Destinies you are using.

If you Epic Reincarnate a second, third, etc. time, you keep your old Past Life feat(s) from your previous incarnation(s), and add another from your chosen sphere from this life. Each feat can be stacked up to three times.

Arcane sphere[edit]

  • While possessing all 15 Arcane Epic Past Life Feats, you gain a total 15% Absorption of Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage.

Divine sphere[edit]

  • While possessing all 12 Divine Epic Past Life Feats, you gain a total of 36 PRR.

Martial sphere[edit]

  • While possessing all 12 Martial Epic Past Life Feats, you gain a total 24 AC at level 1, increased to 36 at level 10, 48 at level 20, and 60 at level 30.

Primal sphere[edit]

  • While possessing all 12 Primal Epic Past Life Feats, you gain a total of 36 maximum HP at level 1, increased to 84 at level 10, 132 at level 20, and 180 at level 30.

Epic Completionist[edit]