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Tower Shield

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Type Tower Shield
Wooden Tower Shield.jpg
Shield Bonus 4
Max Dex Bonus 2 (4 if Mithral)
Damage Reduction 4
Armor Check Penalty -10 (7 if Mithral)
Spell Failure -50% (40% if Mithral)
Weight Wood: 45 lbs, Steel: 50 lbs
Slot Off Hand
Bash Damage 1d6 + 0 Bludgeon
Critical Roll 20 / x2
Attack Mod STR
Damage Mod STR
Durability 90/90
Material Wood (Hardness: 8), Steel (Hardness:13) or Mithral (Hardness:13)
Description This very large wooden shield is strapped to your forearm and gripped with your hand.


Attack bonus is reduced by 2 when wearing a tower shield, even if you have the tower shield proficiency feat. If you do not have this feat, your attack bonus is further reduced by the tower shield's huge Armor check penalty, which is -10 on ordinary tower shields and rarely better than -9 on masterwork or magic ones.

Wielding a tower shield will prevent Evasion from working.

See also: all shields · all armor

Tips: If you don't plan to attack, cast most arcane spells (see below), or make skill checks, the penalties from a tower shield won't impact you. In particular, anyone who uses wands in combat can have a tower shield out at the same time. Equipping a staff will quickly remove the shield (and the arcane failure chance) if you need to cast a real spell. (The biggest drawback is the weight of hauling that big thing around with you. A low-strength wizard may not be able to handle 45 more pounds)

Tower Shields are a viable option for non-combatant clerics who prefer a higher AC and damage reduction, over the ability to attack enemies.