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Skill perform.png Perform (Charisma)


The Perform skill represents the ability to entertain via a performance. Unlike PnP D&D, in DDO there is a single Perform skill.

From Update 19, it adds 1 point of Sonic Spell Power per point of skill.

The Bard class gets the most use from this skill, as it serves two additional roles for it:


Some builds, especially multi-class bards, only need a minimum number of ranks of Perform. Here are the minimums for various abilities and enhancements:

Ability or enhancement Source Minimum ranks
Fascinate Bard 1 3
Inspire Courage Bard 1 3
Skaldic Rage Warchanter core 1 4
Song of Heroism Warchanter core 3 4
Inspire Competence Bard 3 6
Ballad Melody: Ironskin Warchanter tier 3 8
Suggestion Song Bard 6 9
Inspire Greatness Bard 9 12
Song of Freedom Bard 12 15
Inspire Heroics Bard 15 18
Inspire Excellence Epic feat 20
Mass Suggestion Bard 18 21

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