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In Update 57, several existing abilities that granted extra damage, usually on weapon hits, were consolidated into the imbue system.

  • Characters can gain imbues from various sources.
  • Imbues are toggles: You have to drag them to a hotbar and enable to become active.
  • Only one imbue can be active at a time.
  • Various effects that were originally used to increase the damage of a particular imbue system are streamlined and grant extra imbue dice. Extra imbue dice from various sources stack. You can check your bonus Imbue Dice on the character sheet's Details+ Tab
  • Your imbue damage is multiplied by Doublestrike and Doubleshot.
  • Note that the Arcane Archer trees include several enhancements called "Arcane Archer Secondary Imbue Toggles." These are not standard imbues; as such, a player may have an Arcane Archer Secondary Imbue Toggle active in addition to a normal imbue. These imbues are accordingly not listed on this page.


Imbue Die Element Scale with Procs on Source
Apostate's Curse 1d8 Evil 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged Dark Apostate, Tier 1
Biting Acid
Biting Poison
1d6 Acid
100% Spell Power Melee in Wolf/Hive form Blightcaster, Level 2
Bleed the Weak 1d8-1d12 Bleed 100% Melee Power Melee, Ranged; animal companion Dark Hunter, Tier 1
Bloodhunt I 1d4-1d8 Fire 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged vs hurt foe Tiefling Racial Tree, Core 1
Bloodsong I 1d4-1d8 Sonic 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged vs hurt foe Tiefling Scoundrel Racial Tree, Core 1
Draconic Arms 1d6 Acid/Cold/Fire/Electric/Poison 200% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged Dragon Lord, Core 2
Elemental Arrows 1d6 Acid/Cold/Fire/Electric 100% Spell Power Bow Arcane Archer, Tier 1/2/3/4
Fire Elemental Imbue
Water Elemental Imbue
1d6 Fire
100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged while in matching elemental form Druid, Level 10
Fires of Fury Imbue 1d6 Fire/LightIcon tooltip.pngWrathful Weapons 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged Warpriest / War Soul, Tier 4
Force Arrows 1d6 Force 100% Spell Power Bow Arcane Archer, Tier 2
Frenzy 1d8 Bane 100% Melee Power Melee Frenzied Berserker, Core 3
Iced Edges 1d6 Cold 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged Warchanter, Tier 2
Law on Your Side 1d6/1d10Icon tooltip.pngAgainst chaotic creatures or with Inquisitor's Path - Jaded/Vigilante Law/ChaosIcon tooltip.pngInquisitor's Path - Vigilante 200% Ranged Power Non-repeating Crossbow Inquisitive, Tier 1
Lighting the Candle 1d6 on hit
1d6 on crit
100% Melee Power Melee, Ranged, Ki SpellsIcon tooltip.pngFire portion only Henshin Mystic, Tier 3
Poisoned Coating 1d6 Poison 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged Vile Chemist, Core 2
Resonant Arms 1d6 Sonic 100% Spell Power Melee, Thrown while swashbuckling Swashbuckler, Tier 3
Sacred Flame 1d6 Fire/LightIcon tooltip.pngLight of Glory 200% Melee Power Melee while centered, Ki SpellsIcon tooltip.pngLight of Glory Sacred Fist, Core 1
Slayer of Evil I 1d6 Light 200% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged Favored Weapon Knight of the Chalice, Core 1
Spellsword 1d6 Acid/Cold/Fire/Electric 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged Eldritch Knight, Core 2
Spiritual Retribution 1d6 Light 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged, Eldritch Blast Enlightened Spirit, Tier 4
Sting of the Ninja 1d6 Poison 100% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged Ninja Spy, Tier 3
Storm Dancer 1d8 Electric 100% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged Tempest, Tier 3
Thorn Imbue 1d6 Piercing 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged in Thorn Kin/Knight form Blightcaster, Tier 4
Thundershock Imbue 1d6 Electric 100% Spell Power Melee, Ranged Battle Engineer, Tier 3
Venomed Blades 1d4/1d6/1d8 Poison 200% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged Assassin, Tier 1
Venomed Blades 1d4/1d6/1d8 Poison 200% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged Drow Racial Tree, Tier 4
Warlock Dilettante 1d4 Fire 100% Spell Power when proc'd via spell/Eldritch Blast Melee, Ranged, Spells
2-second cooldown
Half-Elf Dilettante Feat
Winter Favored 1d12 Cold 100% Melee/Ranged Power Melee, Ranged on sneak attack Shadar-kai Racial Tree, Tier 4

Extra dice[edit]







  • +1 Die while wild-shaped into a Blighted Wolf (requires Blightcaster 11)
  • +2 Dice while wild-shaped into a Hive Master or Thorn Knight (requires Blightcaster 13)
  • +3 Dice while wild-shaped into a Fire or Water Elemental (requires Druid 13)
    (Having access to both elemental forms (druid 17) does not increase the number of dice.)

Favored Soul:

  • Warsoul: Cores 2, 4, 5 grant +1 Dice
  • Warsoul T5: Wrathful Weapons now grants +3 dice instead of its separate proc, and turns your Fire imbue to Light for the duration


  • Dragon Lord: Cores 3, 4, 5 grant +1 die; capstone +2 dice




  • Arcane Archer: Elemental Damage can be taken at tiers 2, 3, 4 and/or 5, granting +2 Dice each time.
  • Dark Hunter: Tier 3: Primal Energy: +1/2/3 Dice


  • Assassin - Tier 2: Toxin Affinity: +1/2/3 dice





  • Drow - Racial Tree: +1 dice in tier 3, 4: new enhancements, fills in missing space






  • Filigree Set Bonuses that used to give a scaling imbue on-hit now give +1/+2 Dice
  • Augments from Hunt or Be Hunted Raid now give +1 Enhancement bonus to bonus Dice
  • Certain Set Bonuses get +1 Dice in heroics, 2 in epics, 3 in legendary (artifact typed):
    • Crypt Raider
    • Echoes of the Waking Ancestors
    • Legendary Wrath of Sora Kell
    • Profane Experiment

Effects that benefit from imbue dice[edit]

Certain effects available to characters gain benefits from imbue dice despite not being imbues themselves, but active abilities. These are listed here.

  • Shiradi Champion mantle gains 1d77 per 7 bonus dice - this is not an imbue toggle BUT gains benefits from your imbue dice!
  • Dark Apostates
    • Turn Undead grants temporary HP to allies: 10 per imbue die.
    • Bestow Curse deals Bane damage to Undead, 6d6 per imbue die.
  • Blighted Breath damage type changes from Poison to Acid when using the Biting Acid Imbue.

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