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Weapon type

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Each weapon is categorized into one of five weapon types, based on the damage they do for melee weapons, and if they are shooting weapons or thrown weapons for the ranged set of weapons. The following are the five types:


Bludgeoning weapons are the big smashing type of weapons. They tend to break bones and smash things into nice flat pieces. A club is an example of a bludgeoning weapon. Wild shaped druids in animal form also benefit from this feat, even if their attacks deal slashing/piercing damage.


Piercing weapons are the agile characters forte. They are able to do damage by being pushed into the target with little resistance. A rapier is the typical piercing weapon. While most ranged weapons deal piercing damage, they don't belong to this category.


Slashing weapons are sharp and heavy with the ability to make sweeping cuts in the target. A sword is a typical slashing weapon.


Ranged in DDO means a weapon that fires a projectile from a launcher, such as a crossbow.


Thrown weapons are ranged weapons where you throw the entire weapon, such as a dart or throwing dagger.