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Two Weapon Fighting

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Icon Feat Two Weapon Fighting.png
Two Weapon Fighting


Two Weapon Fighting reduces the to-hit penalty when using two weapons at the same time.

  • The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off-hand lessens by 6, so it becomes -4 (main hand) / -4 (off-hand) (instead of -6/-10 without this feat).
  • If the off-hand weapon is light, the penalties both decrease by another 2 points, down to -2/-2 (instead of -4/-8 without this feat).
  • For wielders of non-light weapons, Oversized Two Weapon Fighting was once recommended to bring their attack penalty down to -2/-2, but with the current game math, this is not necessary (or still recommended) - there are better feats to take.

After Update 5, an off-hand attack would have a chance to proc on any main hand attack now, instead of being predetermined on certain attacks. The default chance to proc an off-hand attack is 20%.

Two Weapon Fighting increases the chance to proc an off-hand attack by 20%, bringing the total chance to 40%. Additional TWF feats increase the percentage chance of proccing an off-hand attack by 20% per feat, to a max of 80% with Greater Two Weapon Fighting.

This feat also works for Handwraps users.

Additional chances to proc off-hand attack

There's no benefit of having more than a 100% off-hand strike chance.

Hits with a TWF character's offhand weapon only receive half of the applicable Ability bonus to damage.


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Feat Requirements Offhand Strike Chance (Cumulative) Other Benefits

15 Dexterity


Attack penalty reduced to -4/-4 from -6/-10
(Attack penalty reduced to -2/-2 if offhand is a Light Weapon)

6 BAB,
17 Dexterity



11 BAB,
17 Dexterity




Your offhand attacks now doublestrike at 65% of the rate of your main hand, versus the base 50%, up to a maximum of 65%.

12 Strength, Two Weapon Fighting


Attack penalty reduced to -2/-2

Two Weapon Fighting


+2 DR when actively blocking and dual-wielding.
+1 AC, +5 PRR and as +10 MRR cap when dual-wielding.