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Tower Shield Proficiency

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Icon Feat Tower Shield Proficiency.png
Tower Shield Proficiency


You are proficient with Tower Shields, and thus do not suffer the armor check penalty to attack rolls when weilding one.

The armor check penalty to skills (if any) and arcane spell failure (if any) of the shield you equip will still apply. As will the general -2 penalty to attack rolls all tower shields inflict.

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Tip: You can use Master's Touch (spell or scroll) to receive proficiency with Tower Shields.


  • This feat is free for level 1 Fighter.
  • As of update 14, This feat grants(Or perhaps removes a penalty of) 5 PRR when using a tower shield.
  • The display for this feat on the PRR number is bugged where-as if you take the feat at a later level and you already have a tower shield equipped before doing so, you will need to un-equip and re-equip it for the bonus to be added into your PRR.
  • Aasimar racial enhancement grants in Tier 5: Celestial Tutelage: Tower Shield Proficiency.