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Jump (skill)

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Skill jump (skill).png Jump (Strength)


Determines the maximum height when you are jumping.

  • Note: Certain side quests or shortcuts can only be accessed with a Jump skill of a certain total. Carrying some potions of Jump or receiving the Jump spell can allow you to access these side quests.

There is a soft cap on the Jump skill at 40 with regard to jumping height. Any higher number makes no difference in the height that you can jump while not using Sneak. Most Characters find that approximately 10 Ranks in Jump are enough to reach this target total of 40.

A higher Jump skill decreases the amount of damage you take from falling from great heights much like the Tumble skill, just at a slightly lower percentage. This reduction is not capped at 40 the way that jump height is.

Jumping while Sneaking[edit]

When using Sneak, your Jump (and Tumble) skills receive a −20 penalty, so this soft cap becomes an effective 60 (= 40 after the −20 penalty). This also means that no Jump bonus will be applied to Sneaking characters until the Jump total is +21, to offset the −20 penalty. So for characters who are going to live by Sneaking, consider the ranks you will need to achieve the Jump total you want.

How to increase your Jump[edit]

To add to ranks in the Jump skill, there are several fairly easy and common ways to increase one's Jump total toward that 40 (or 60) target:

These alone could easily yield a +20(+) bonus by Level 5, and +50(+) by Level 20.


Note that many of these will NOT stack. As a rule, if the bonus is of the same type (e.g. "competence" or "strength"), it will not stack with other bonuses of the same type.

Class special-abilities and Enhancements

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Epic abilities

  • Masked Ball - Tier 2 Fatesinger ability, +20 enhancement bonus, AoE, 4 minutes duration
  • Perfect Balance - Tier 1 Grandmaster of Flowers ability, +6
  • Acrobatic - Tier 1 Shadowdancer ability, +6