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Precise Shot

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Icon Feat Precise Shot.png
Precise Shot


With the Precise Shot feat, your targeted ranged attacks pass through friend and foe alike to strike your target (no damage will be done other than to your target). This feat also grants you the Offensive Ranged Stance Archer's Focus, which lets you deal progressively more damage with ranged attacks while standing still.


See also[edit]

Icon Feat Archers Focus.png
Archer's Focus

  • Usage: Active
  • Prerequisite: Granted when you gain Precise Shot.


Offensive Ranged Stance: If you are not currently using the Manyshot ability and have been stationary for 3 seconds, while you are stationary and wielding ranged or thrown weapons, you gain On Damage: you gain +5 Competence bonus to Ranged Power. This effect can stack up to 15 times.


  • This can stack up to 25 times with the Ranger's Improved Archer's Focus enhancement.
  • The stacks decay at a rate of one per 3 seconds while moving, not attacking with ranged weapons, or during Manyshot. These make the stack stop building but do not clear it.
  • Jumping while otherwise stationary is not considered moving for the purposes of accumulating stacks. i.e., dealing ranged damage at the apex of a jump will provide Archer's Focus.