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Echoes of Power

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Echoes of Power.jpg

Echoes of Power is a temporary SP regeneration that begins once a character drops below 12 SP. It will restore 4 SP every 6 seconds until you have at least 12 SP again. The effect can put you over 12 SP if you have more than 0 when it begins to regenerate your SP (for example, if you start with 3, it will recharge to 15).

Echoes of Power requires the Magical Training feat. The Magical Training feat is granted to Alchemists, Artificers, Clerics, Druids, Favored Souls, Warlocks, Wizards, and Sorcerers at level 1.

Three ranks in the Magical Studies enhancement will grant a Bard the Magical Training feat, and three ranks in the Energy of the Wild enhancement will do so for a Ranger.

Finally, the Deepening Faith (Exalted Angel) and Deepening Arcana (Magus of the Eclipse) Epic Destiny abilities upgrade Echoes of Power to restore up to 30 SP, rather than 12. It is possible to acquire both abilities at once but they will not stack.