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Melee special attack

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A melee special attack is the swing used to initiate a variety of single-target combat feats which can cause a special penalty to the target in addition to normal weapon damage. Related feats are Trip, Improved trip, Sunder, Improved sunder, Stunning Blow, Slicing Blow, Hamstring, and Sap.

Such an attack is activated by using the icon for the particular feat. A single swing is made with the same total attack modifier as an ordinary attack would have, including the bonus from where you are in your Attack sequence. On a hit, the feat applies additional penalties beyond just damage, assuming the target fails the appropriate saving throw. See also: Improving tactical DC.

A special melee attack executes even if no enemies are in range, which wastes it. It must still recharge before it can be activated again.

Monks have additional special melee attacks known as Finishing Moves, some of which complement melee special attacks.

Melee special attack feats[edit]

Feat name Effect applied Cooldown Duration Saving throw Base DC DC modifier DC bonus Comments
Trip Target prone 15 sec 30 sec Strength or Dexterity 10 Strength Vertigo Balance save every 2 sec
Improved Trip Target prone 10 sec 60 sec Strength or Dexterity 14 Strength Vertigo Balance save every 2 sec
Sunder -4 Armor class 10 sec 12 sec Fortitude 10 Strength Shatter
Improved Sunder -5 Armor class and -10% fortification 10 sec 24 sec Fortitude 14 Strength Shatter
Improved Sunder -3 Fortitude save (stacks 5 times) 10 sec 24 sec None
Stunning Blow Target stunned 15 sec 6 sec Fortitude 10 Strength Stunning
Slicing Blow -1 Constitution and periodic damage 15 sec 12 sec None
Hamstring -50% movement speed 15 sec 12 sec None
Sap Target dazed 15 sec 18 sec None 30 sec duration from sneak attacks
Dire Charge Targets stunned 12 sec ? Fortitude 20 Highest stat Stunning