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Improved Feint

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Icon Feat Improved Feint.png
Improved Feint


Official: "A melee attack which also Bluffs the enemy, enabling Sneak attacks for a short period of time."

Observed behavior

Note: Some or all of these bugs may(?) have been resolved - see July '19 forum post hereneeds verification

  • The use of this feat has inconsistent results.needs verification A moment after triggering Improved Feint, a bluff roll is made. The roll is modified by the character's bluff skill. If the roll is successful, combat messages will say your threat is reduced by 25%, and an effect icon will usually, but not always, appear. (The 25% threat reduction is a normal part of the bluff skill, but is independent of sneak attack damage.) The effect icon text is "Mostly Harmless: You have successfully used the bluff skill, and gain a 25% reduction to the threat generated by your melee attacks, missile attacks, and spells, making monsters less likely to attack you for a short time." The effect icon counts down for 6 seconds then disappears.
  • If a character performs any action immediately after using Improved Feint, the attempt to "bluff" does not proc and there's no effect.
  • With handwraps, there is no delay before the feat roll.
  • Sometimes the combat log shows sneak attack damage, but it is a replacement for normal damage. That is, you never hit with normal damage and sneak attack damage from one swing.
  • Recommendation: Until the bugs are fixed, only take this feat if you will be using handwraps and want to be able to trigger a 6 second 25% threat reduction. (It is unverified that this is working.) You would probably also want invest in your bluff skill.


For the official version of this feat (which is not working, as described above):

  • Affects multiple enemies in a frontal arc.
  • Behaves exactly like the Bluff feat, except for the cooldown, and it is on a separate timer than Bluff.
  • Does not have a bonus to the Bluff roll like Improved Trip's and Improved Sunder's +4.
  • Fighters may select this feat as one of their fighter bonus feats.