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Name: Fred

Race: Mind Flayer

Gender: Unknown

Collects: Siberys Dragonshard


Description: Fred can respec the feats you chose while leveling up. Fred is kidnapped in The Sane Asylum, and you must rescue him.

Notes: Fred's real name is unpronounceable.

Feat respec[edit]

Feat Respec UI
This character is considering changing the feat they took at Level 1, replacing Favored Enemy (Undead) with Favored Enemy (Aberration).
(mouse-hover for larger version)
Feat Respecialization UI.jpg

Note: Any character which was level 20 or higher at the time of release of Update 51 (Nov 3, '21) will be unable to use Fred until they complete a lesser reincarnation.

Fred can respec (i.e. change) the feats you chose while leveling up, both standard feats (Levels 1, 3, 6, etc.) and selectable class feats like Ranger's Favored Enemy, Artificer's Bonus Feats, and Rogue's Special Abilities, etc.

One of the following is required to respec a feat:



* Dragonshards are a rare drop from chests, but can be found regularly on the Auction House (prices will vary).

Normally this can be done only once every three real-time days, however if you use Astral Shards or the free re-spec token from Hall of the Mark quest, the 3-day timer does not apply. Be aware that if you have a Feat Respec Token you cannot use a Siberys Dragonshard instead. The game will only allow you to use the token.

  • Note: If a character has taken a Feat that has a previous one as a prerequisite, they cannot simply change the first (since the second will become "illegal"), and so must drop the second then change the first. Update 45 now allows characters to change their Deity Feat.


  • If you need to change more than one Feat (either now, or later in your build plan), save your free Feat Respec Token from the Hall of the Mark quest for the highest level Feat you want to change. Lower-level Dragonshards are easier/cheaper to obtain than higher ones, so just spend the coin and a lesser Siberys Dragonshard for the lower levels needed.
  • If you can't remember the order you took your feats, you can go to Fred and drag them down, one at a time, and Fred will show you what Level you were when you took them. Don't change them (so no cost) and repeat until you have a complete picture.
  • For multi-class builds, that same trick can be used to get a (partial) picture of the order you took your different classes. Fred shows your "current" class mix at every level you had a selectable feat or class special ability, so at Levels 1, 3, 6, etc., and also any time you had a selectable Class feat (e.g with Fighter, Monk, Wizard, Ranger's Favored Enemies, etc.).
  • If it is illegal to change a Feat, such as any pre-requisite to another feat you have, it will not be listed. For example, if you took Power Attack and then Cleave, you cannot change Power Attack (since it is a pre-requisite for Cleave), so it will not be listed as available to change. You must first change the 2nd feat, then that frees up the pre-requisite to be changed.
  • Similarly with Domains where the character has taken the second in the series. Since Fred can only change one at a time, and the series is tied together, Domains can only be changed if only the first one is present.
  • Some older Feats (pre U19, etc.) are no longer used in the game, so will not be listed via Fred.

Feat respec costs[edit]

Feat Respec Costs
Platinum Siberys Dragonshard
1 10 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard
2 80 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard
3 270 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard
4 640 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard
5 1,250 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard
6 2,160 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard
7 3,430 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard
8 5,120 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard
9 7,290 Siberys Dragonshard
10 10,000 Siberys Dragonshard
11 13,310 Siberys Dragonshard
12 17,280 Siberys Dragonshard
13 21,970 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
14 27,440 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
15 33,750 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
16 40,960 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
17 49,130 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
18 58,320 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
19 68,590 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
20 80,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
21 84,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
22 88,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
23 92,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
24 96,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
25 100,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
26 104,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
27 108,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
28 112,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
29 116,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
30 120,000 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard

Siberys Dragonshard Combiner[edit]

Siberys Dragonshard Combiner UI

Fred is able to combine Siberys Dragonshard Fragments and Siberys Dragonshards into higher tier Siberys Dragonshards with the Siberys Dragonshard Combiner UI by selecting the dialog option : May I exchange some Dragonshards before we begin?

Siberys Dragonshards
100 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments 1 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard
10 Flawed Siberys Dragonshards 1 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard
10 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshards 1 Siberys Dragonshard
10 Siberys Dragonshards 1 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
10 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshards 1 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard

The Price of Freedom[edit]

Fred (monster).png

Fred <Not Again>

Type: Aberration (List)

Race: Mind Flayer (List)

Monster Manual classification: Missing from MM: Mind Flayer

Alignment: Unknown

Color Type: Orange - Named Enemy

Rare: No

CR:  ♠12Elite


Description: Fred will teleport away before being killed, probably because he needs to be alive for future quests. This means he has no Monster Manual entry.