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Deity feats

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This page is about Deity-based feats for Divine classes, for the lore aspect of each deities, see Deities.

Deity Based Feats

  • °Favored Soul at levels 1, 3, 6, 12 and 20 select one additional Deity-based feat from the list below.
  • * Clerics and Paladins at levels 1 and 6 select one additional Deity-based feat from the list below. Clerics and Paladins can also use their standard feat slot for Deity-based feats.
  • Your choice at level 1 determines your favored weapon, and type of Damage Reduction. Damage Reduction applies only to Favored Soul.
Starting World Religion Favored weapon Level 1 feat°* Level 3 feat° Level 6 feat°* Level 12 feat° Level 20 feat°†
Fav Weapon: Proficiency & +1 To Hit Fav Weapon:
+1 Attack & Damage (exotic);
+2 Attack & Damage (simple/martial)
Unique Active Ability Fav Weapon:
+1 Attack & Damage (exotic);
+2 Attack & Damage (martial);
+3 Attack & Damage (simple)
Damage Reduction 10, bypassed by named material
Eberron Aureon
(excluding Bladeforged)
Quarterstaff Follower of Aureon Child of Aureon Aureon's Instruction Beloved of Aureon Damage Reduction: Cold Iron
Blood of Vol
(excluding Bladeforged)
Dagger Follower of the Blood of Vol Child of the Blood of Vol The Blood is The Life Beloved of the Blood of Vol Damage Reduction: Good
Lord of Blades
(Bladeforged, Warforged only)
Greatsword Follower of the Lord of Blades Child of the Lord of Blades Bladesworn Transformation Beloved of the Lord of Blades Damage Reduction: Adamantine
(excluding Bladeforged)
Sickle Follower of Olladra Child of Olladra Luck of Olladra Beloved of Olladra Damage Reduction: Cold Iron
(excluding Bladeforged)
Warhammer Follower of Onatar Child of Onatar Onatar's Forge Beloved of Onatar Damage Reduction: Cold Iron
Silver Flame
(excluding Bladeforged)
Longbow Follower of the Silver Flame Child of the Silver Flame Silver Flame Exorcism Beloved of the Silver Flame Damage Reduction: Silver
Sovereign Host
(excluding Bladeforged)
Longsword Follower of the Sovereign Host Child of the Sovereign Host Unyielding Sovereignty Beloved of the Sovereign Host Damage Reduction: Cold Iron, Silver
Undying Court
(Elf, Half-Elf, Wood Elf only)
Scimitar Follower of the Undying Court Child of the Undying Court Undying Call Beloved of the Undying Court Damage Reduction: Cold Iron
(Drow only)
Shortsword Follower of Vulkoor Child of Vulkoor Vulkoor's Avatar Beloved of Vulkoor Damage Reduction: Good
Forgotten Realms Amaunator Heavy Mace Favored by Amaunator Child of Amaunator Amaunator's Brilliance Beloved of Amaunator Damage Reduction: Silver
(excluding Morninglord)
Bastard Sword Favored by Helm Child of Helm Ever Watchful Beloved of Helm Damage Reduction: Adamantine
(excluding Morninglord)
Maul Favored by Silvanus Child of Silvanus Blessing of Silvanus Beloved of Silvanus Damage Reduction: Silver