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Wolf Companion

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Wolf Companions are wolves that Druids and Dark Hunters can summon using the Call Wolf Companion feat. Like hirelings, but unlike a monster summoned under the Summon Monster I spell, a wolf companion has its own command bar. A wolf companion has its own stats, equipment and enhancements, accessible under the 'pet' tab on the main page of the Character Sheet (only available when the wolf is summoned). A wolf companion will also progress in levels (via the character increasing Druid Levels) as you do, getting more and more dangerous to mobs.

They can equip:

  • Companion Collars These group in game end reward lists if you have checked "Quest End Rewards Based on Class" under Gameplay in Options. However any pair of handwraps that you find, including named handwraps from raids, can be transformed into Collars by using the Device Workstation in House Cannith (or summoning the same into the cargo hold of your airship). Once done, you cannot reverse the process.
    • {{Potential Bug: Please note that at one time there was a slight possibility of losing pet equipment if it is left equipped to your wolf while your reincarnate. However, that was long ago and is assumed to be fixed not having heard of this happening for years.)
    • Bug: Many on-hit damage effects don't work; collars with more passive effects such as Vulnerability, Deadly, Keen, etc. may be a better option.
  • Light or Medium Armor or Heavy Armor - Wolf Companions became classified as having levels of ranger, hence they have all the proficiencies of the ranger class. You can check this by equipping armor and looking at the changes in ppr on the pet character sheet. A Druid's wolf has the same Druidic Oath restrictions as a Druid - i.e. no metal armor!
    • This means that you must seek out Leather, Hide, Dragonscale, Densewood or some other nonmetallic materials for your wolf. Please note that if you do choose the Cunning wolf evasion enhancements and take evasion along with improved evasion as a capstone, you need to consider that evasion only works while wearing light armor (leather and the like).

Some effects don't take affect until the pet has been dismissed and recreated, for example, Vitality.

If your wolf is beside you while you click on the ship buff bar at the top of an airship, it will receive all ship buffs that you receive with a timer that does not count down. Dismissing your wolf at any time will remove said ship buffs. Leveling your character will also remove all buffs.

Leaving your pet parked inside an instance that is closing such as a finished dungeon or dismissing a Scarecrow hireling may result in your wolf accidently being dismissed as well.

If your wolf seems to become inactive, calling it to you and/or changing it from active/defense/passive to another setting can help. Also try remove fear. You pet will have much trouble with foes that are first passive then become active such as Memoirs Dungeon and the like.

It is very important that you consider Fortification on your wolf as lack thereof is the leading cause of death. Tenacious Pack will provide +30 fortification along with +60 healing amp. (Bug: this fortification does not stack with certain endgame armor that has an enhancement bonus to fortification).

If your armor or collar has augment slots, you can use those to increase overall ability scores including Strength. Other ways to increase Strength in order to get levers such as those found in tempest spine include rage, shifting to Magistar for Grand Summoner (requires augment summoning), Primal Scream, Mass Bulls, and using your three druid pet buff spells which includes Pack Aptitude (adds + to a single ability score [Bug: Pack Aptitude gives +4 to a single ability score instead of indicated +6])

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