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Druidic Oath

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Druidic Oath


All druids take an oath that prohibits them from wearing metal armor, using metal shields or orbs, and using rune arms. Doing so suppresses your druidic abilities. Warforged druids are forbidden from taking armor feats other than Composite Plating.

Gameplay implications[edit]

While breaking the oath, druids cannot:

  • cast spells
  • cast offensive SLAs from druid enhancement trees
  • cast Goodberry
  • use Wild Shape (druids who wear a metallic armor while in animal form revert to their humanoid forms)

While breaking the oath, druids can:

Note: Since U42, Force of Nature enhancement allows druids to use metallic armor and shields.

See also[edit]

  • Oath of the Wild: You take an oath to forego metal armor, metal shields, and Rune Arms. As long as you do not have these equipped, you gain +10 Physical Resistance Rating.