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Size bonus

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In DDO, the size of a creature has several implications in combat:

  • Armor class: Smaller creatures are harder to hit than larger creatures. This is most notably visible in the Halfling Size Bonus - halflings (as well as gnomes) gain +1 to their AC (1 per size category).
  • Attack bonus: Smaller creatures can apply more precision to their movements and gain bonus to attack rolls. Larger creatures receive a size penalty (1 per size category).
  • Larger creatures enjoy the benefit of extended reach.

Carrying capacity: small creatures have 3/4 of the maximum carrying capacity (compared to medium-sized creatures)


  • Smaller creatures can hide more easily than larger ones (4 bonus/penalty per size category).
  • Small creatures are also less intimidating than larger ones (4 bonus/penalty per size category).

Contrary to PnP, in DDO small races (halflings) do not use different (smaller) equipment with reduced weapon damage dice.


  • Ram's Might bestows a +2 Size Bonus to strength. This is unrelated to other size bonuses.

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