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Companion Collar

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A set of Grave Wrappings after conversion to a Collar.

Companion Collars are equipable items that bestow weapon enchantments on a pet's attacks. The are usable by Homunculus (Iron Defender pet available to Artificers) and Wolf Companion (available to Druids). Companion Collars are equipped to an Iron Defender's or Wolf's Weapon Module slot on its character sheet.

Random loot collars can be selected as quest rewards (if Quest End Rewards Based on Class is enabled in Options->Gameplay and your character is an Artificer or Druid).

You can also convert random loot and Named Handwraps at a Device Workstation using Mechanical Trap Parts or Cannith Essences.

As the companion's level is tied to your level in the class that grants the companion, the ML of the item must be equal or lower to your class level, not your character level. Thus, a level 12 character with only 4 druid levels can only equip ML4 items or lower to the wolf companion. Any epic levels of your character also increase the level of your pet.

Gear equipped by your companion never takes any damage.

Converting handwraps[edit]

Any set of handwraps, whether random loot, Named or Crafted can be converted into a Collar at a Device Workstation. The Trapmaking Feat is not required to convert handwraps into a collar.

There are different recipes, some requiring an amount of trap parts that increases based on the total enhancement bonus of the handwraps.

  • +1 to +3: 10 Mechanical Trap Parts
  • +4 to +6: 25 Mechanical Trap Parts
  • +7 to +9: 50 Mechanical Trap Parts
  • +10 to +12: 75 Mechanical Trap Parts
  • +13 or more: 100 Mechanical Trap Parts

There is an alternative recipe, that works on any set of handwraps, that uses 10 Cannith Essences, which is useful if you cannot get hold of the required trap parts.

Note: The resulting collar is bound to character on acquire. Crafted BtA handwraps converted to collars keeps BtA.

Crafting collars[edit]

An example of a set of Cannith crafted handwraps that has been converted to a Collar.

Cannith Crafting does not by itself allow for the crafting of Collars - Collars are uncraftable. However, a set of Cannith crafted handwraps can be converted into an identical Collar at a Device Workstation.

Augment slots[edit]

For Collars with Augment slots see Pets and equipment with slots to determine what Augment Crystals work for pets.

Companion collars do work with some rubies. Tested Frost, Fire and Acid all work.

Important notes[edit]

  • As of U22, shards can be added to a companion collar like any other keyed item.
  • Once a set of Handwraps have been converted to a Collar, you cannot add anything to it in a Cannith Workstation.
  • A pet will not be able to use collars that have a guild slot/guild level requirement (carried over from the base handwraps).
  • A pet will not be able to use collars that have an alignment restriction unless the corresponding pet enhancements for that alignment have been taken. A way to circumnavigate this is to use an augment for the desired effect, like a Ruby of Good.
  • The effectiveness of converting impact handwraps (double bludgeoning critical range) to a collar (not a bludgeoning weapon) has not currently been tested.

Named collars[edit]

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