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Category:Spot items

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Drow Smoke GogglesFace of the DemonSmoldering Cudgel

Visor of Concentration

Ring of Alertness

Dark Blue Ioun StoneTroubleshooter's Goggles

Corsair's BandanaGlorious ObscenityGoggles of Time-SensingSecretive Indigo HoodTheurgic StaveTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 4)

Beholder Optic NervesBlacklace BlindfoldDocent of the TombDragoncrafted Leather ArmorTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 4)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 8)

Leather Gloves of the Snake

Crystallized Widow's EyeDream VisorDream Visor (Level 12)Gloves of the FalconGoggles of PerceptionKundarak Delving GogglesMummified BatSign of XoriatSnakeskin Vest

Lenses of DoomStolen NecklaceStolen Necklace (Level 14)Stolen Necklace (Level 15)Stolen Necklace (Level 16)Treasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 12)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 8)

Keylock Ring

Beast-leather BeltChattering RingCormyrian SpectaclesCreation Forge LensesDream VisorDream Visor (historic)Dream Visor (Level 13)Eagle's EyeIntricate Field Optics (historic)Intricate Field Optics (Level 12)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 19)Shadow SightTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 12)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 16)

Dark Blue Ioun StoneDark Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Dream VisorDream Visor (Level 14)Epic Gloves of the FalconEpic Kundarak Delving SuitEpic Sandstorm GlassesEpic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 20)Intricate Field Optics (Level 13)Intricate Field Optics (Level 14)Tharne's GogglesTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 16)

Dream VisorDream Visor (Level 23)Intricate Field Optics (Level 23)

Epic Leather Gloves of the Snake

Stolen NecklaceStolen Necklace (Level 25)Stolen Necklace (Level 26)Stolen Necklace (Level 27)

Dream VisorDream Visor (Level 24)Dream Visor (Level 25)Epic Eagle's EyeEpic Goggles of Time-SensingEpic Kundarak Delving GogglesEpic Muffled VeneerEpic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 20)Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 24)Intricate Field OpticsIntricate Field Optics (Level 24)Intricate Field Optics (Level 25)Manual of Stealthy PilferingMythic Muffled VeneerPrismatic Cloak, BluePrismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, GreenPrismatic Cloak, Green (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, GreyPrismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, RedPrismatic Cloak, Red (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, VioletPrismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 28)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass

Legendary Keylock Ring


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