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About Me[edit]

My handle comes from my first AOL account, lo so many moons ago - it's "Lord Silverhand" without the vowels. THAT came from AOL's then-10 character limit, and "Silverhand" being taken - which came from my standard BBS handle. And Silverhand came from Celtic mythology, Nuada Silverhand - the king of the Tuatha de Danaan (I was real big into Irish myth when I first found the joys of onlinedom. This is the result.)

I like to take my time in quests. I'll go through and break everything and kill everything and collect everything and loot everything I can possibly find. If it takes me an hour to do a quest somebody else can do in 15 minutes... well, so be it. This makes it rather easy to update the quest article right here, which is just an added bonus! It also helps that I don't mind questing alone. I'm sure this will be a problem later on, but for now, I'm having fun, and that's all I care about!

I'm vaguely allergic to paying a monthly fee for a game, 'cause I don't want to be paying for something and then realize that I haven't PLAYED in the past 2 months, 'cause I got distracted by something else for a while. So my experience with MMORPGs was more or less limited to RuneScape before I heard about DDO. And found out it was FREE. I haven't looked back since... I don't mind paying for stuff, but when I do, I want to KEEP it, y'know? DDO has a brilliant strategy, and I've taken advantage of every sale I can (I don't buy ANYTHING if it's not on sale! And I don't buy TP if they're not on sale! I'll stretch my buck 'til it SNAPS, dammit!)

I started in on Khyber, and have several characters there from when I was, briefly, a VIP (Double TP months, yay! Plus it gave me an idea of what I wanted to buy, at least low-levelish.) Some of those characters include a 28-point dwarf; a 32-point clone of him with tweaks (after buying the 32-point thingie on sale), and a haggle-bard. I'm pretty sure I also have a WF FvS and a Drow cleric or something there. I dunno. I then moved over to Thelanis for no particular reason that I can think of, other than possibly wanting a fresh start for questing.

My "main" character is a Ranger 15/Rogue 5 Dwarf. However, if I get the Tempest ToD set, I will immediately afterward buy a +3 heart of wood to make him 18/2. He's sneaky, stealthy, and Tempesty. There's nothing more fun than sneaking up behind an enemy and Gibbs-slapping him with a pair of dwarven axes... As a dwarf, he likes to play with axes. Pretty much all his weapons are paired: holy silver DAxes of bleeding; screaming DAxes of bleeding for those pesky non-evil mobs; screaming DAxes of Everbright for rusties and oozes (splitting, pshaw. Just means more targets, right? Spin around waving weapons - aka the River Tam Method - will take care of 'em soon enough.); holy DAxes of Disruption; Metalline DAxes of Smiting. And a Dorfen Tosser for ranged. Bows, pshaw. Gotta keep track of ammo and stuff. Although he now has the Bow of the Silver Flame and an L16 Elemental Longbow of Earth with Screaming and PG added to it. Wishing Banishing came on slicey-type weapons... Yeah, way too many axes. But it's not really all THAT bad... is it? IS IT?! Oh, also have a pair of Envenomed Blades... and paralyzing DAxes of PG...

I also have a Hagglebard which I managed to get up to level 20, making her my first capped character! WHOO! I have a lot of fun with her, even as gimpy as she is. I'd like to make a real bard sometime. I'd also like to play with half-elves sometime. Perhaps the two shall happen at the same time at some point... my second AD&D character (the first isn't worth mentioning, other than to laugh at how easily she died) was a half-elven bard, and I have rather fond memories of him. She's also my designated crafter, and so five of her eight slots are taken up by technically useless feats (Negotiator, Skill Focus: Haggle, and three Marks of Making). She was also my first character flagged for Shroud, as well as my first character who actually went through it. And she got more kills than the monk! *g* Amazingly, she also managed to not die. I joke that my playstyle with her largely consists of singing, buffing, then hiding in a corner and trying not to die. Which isn't actually that far from the truth, but she does often get in there, whapping baddies upside the head with her paralyzing longsword.

The character I really *should* classify as my main is a dwarf monk I rolled up after purchasing Monk and Veteran Status... and I'm having an absolute BLAST. Total antithesis to my usual playing style, just running up and kicking butt, almost no sneaking around. I started out putting points in Hide & Move Silently, but I stopped that and started putting them in Balance & Jump instead. She's now capped and Shrouded (although not as successfully as Maraga, having died in Part 4. I blame the blades... just a sheer forest of them popped up with no warning... caught a couple of others by surprise also, I only realized it when I heard a couple of party members *ding*.) Now that Mabar's come and gone, she's highly enjoying her new L16 Mabar cloak and wraps... now it's time to wait for NEXT Mabar to upgrade 'em to 20 *sigh*. However, approaching 20 Shrouds and 20 ToDs (C'mon, Henshin ring! Or Shintao ring!) I suspect she'll TR long before then. At which point she'll be without a Mabar cloak *or* wraps until it comes around again or she gets back up to 16, having foolishly deleted lower-level ones to make room in the bank.

Next up is a dwarven barbarian (... I'm really not all that particularly enamored of dwarves, honest. They just seem to work well for me...) who I play when I just want to go mindless beat-the-crap-out-of-stuff. Level 14, banking 14, probably needs to level up in the VERY near future. He's currently drooling over that Elemental Greataxe of Fire from the Challenges.

My next character (well, not counting my bank character and the rogue I've literally never played, I just wanted to check something out real quick) is a warforged wizard... who I haven't really played much. I'm already getting confused with all the spells, and I'm still at a point where spamming his Eternal Acid Wand is an extremely viable option, so I'm pretty sure I won't go very far with him. Punchy punchy, smashy smashy, hitty hitty, that seems to be more my style.

Next is a halfling Mechanic (on a different server, with absolutely NO twink gear). Joined a guild where a bunch of us from different servers get together once a week, and he's my contribution. Rather liking him so far (level 9), but I'm not a big fan of the 75% carrying capacity... keep getting encumbered, and I'm not even carrying all that much! I'd reroll him as a dwarf, but he's got a +2 INT tome from that Six Year Old Cake, so until I find a replacement for that, I shan't. And after using a stone of experience to get him to 16, I guess I'll stick with him. Fortunately, thanks to Brawling Gloves, he doesn't really notice the carrying capacity unless he gets enfeebled or loots a few sets of armor. Now Cove needs to return so that he can upgrade his L8 stuff... I really wasn't expecting to blow right past L12 all the way to L16!

My latest character is a half-orc druid who shall primarily melee. Of course, the day after I created him, they announced that Veteran Status will be allowed for druids 2 days later, so he's going to be quickly rerolled very shortly...