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Name: Dorris

Race: Warforged

Gender: Unknown

Bestows Quest(s): The Price of Freedom

Receives Quest(s): The Price of Freedom


  • Frame Work, Inside Frame Work, talking to Dorris is your first and finishing objectives
  • The Twelve, up the ramp on the eastern side of the caldera
  • Grave Work, at the entrance, talking to Dorris is your first and finishing objectives

Description: <The Deniable Asset> in Frame Work, and <Would Rather Be at Home> in Grave Work.

The Twelve[edit]

If you try to talk to Dorris, she will reply:

  • Dorris: Ah, <Name>. You'll do. I need some backup for a mission.
  • Dorris:A friend of mine is locked in the Brimstone Boulder Prison.
  • Dorris: You'll need to come with me and then break your way into the prison. I've already chartered an airship called the Gossip Bounty.
  • Dorris: Retrieve my ally and bring them to safety, in and out. Are you ready? The ship is waiting for us.
    • You: The prison guards will never know what hit them! (Begin Quest)
    • You: So your friend was captured? By who?
      • Dorris: ?????

From within Frame Work[edit]

If you try to talk to Dorris, she will reply: ???? Talking to her after acquiring:????

From within Grave Work[edit]

If you try to talk to Dorris when you've completed the quest, she will reply:

  • Dorris: Reading. And ignoring you.