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The Snitch and the Lich

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When Mabar draws nigh, darkness falls and the dead become restless...

The Snitch and the Lich
Level Range: 7-35
Duration: Quest-like, no time limit
Base XP Range: 700-3500
Takes place in: The Night Revels
Challenge entrance(s) in: Night Revels Crypt
Patron: None
Free to Play: Yes
Group Difficulty: Easy
Solo Difficulty: Easy
5 Star Difficulty: Easy
The Snitch and the Lich map
Loading screen


The distant sounds of panicked voices and scattered fighting echo from the walls. The moonlight reveals a path amongst the rooftops.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

Star Objectives

  • Defeat the Mummy Lord
  • Clear the undead and proceed into the next courtyard
  • Gain access to the rooftops above
  • Dispatch the Undead from in the Courtyard
  • Defeat the Lich Sneblin

Note: You must complete all non-optional star objectives to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps


Tips and Misc


  • Head up a ladder to the west and over the rooftops to the second courtyard
  • Head south through the tunnel behind the waterfall and defeat the Mummy Lord
  • Drop down and head west, then climb a ladder to head up and head north into the third courtyard (with a mail box ruined in the centre)
  • Pull the lever and open the gate to the fourth courtyard, then head through
  • Pull the lever to lower the ladder to the rooftops
  • Cross the rooftops and drop down into the fifth courtyard
  • Defeat a zombie version of the Snitch, Roderic Nettle
  • Defeat the lich Sneblin, who spawns after Roderic is defeated
  • Loot the end chest


  • Chests: 1
    • 1 End Chest after defeating the lich Sneblin
    • An extra chest is shown on the map - this is the mail box from The Snitch, which can bee seen but can't be interacted with


Name ( picture • New Monster ) CR Type Race
Ghoul( view
 • edit )
 ♦0.5/6Normal ♥2Hard ♠4Elite QL3: ♦1Normal ♥3Hard ♠5Elite ♦25Epic Normal Undead Ghoul
Mummy Lord( view
Mummy Lord.png
 • edit )
Undead Mummy
Roderic Nettle (undead)( view
Roderic Nettle (undead).png
 • edit )
Undead Zombie
Skeletal Archer( view
Monster Skeleton Archer.jpeg
 • edit )
 ♥5Hard ♠9Elite ♦22Epic Normal Undead Skeleton
Skeletal Warrior( view
Skeletal Warrior (common).png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Undead Skeleton
Sneblin( view
 • edit )
Undead Lich
Wight( view
 • edit )
QL2: ♦1Normal ♥3Hard ♠5Elite; QL3: ♦3Normal ♥5Hard ♠7Elite ♦25Epic Normal Undead Wight