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Negative level

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Each negative level gives a creature a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, ability checks. Also inflicts a -1 penalty to effective level (affects things like spells and abilities which rely on caster level or character level). Negative levels stack.

If the target has as many negative levels as its Hit Die or levels, it dies.

Negative levels also affect maximum hit points.

  • For monsters, each negative level reduces hit points by 10 %. (DDO Forums) Epic monsters regenerate negative levels at a very fast pace, however, the inflicted HP damage does not heal.
  • Players lose HP and SP, probably also 10 % per negative level. Healing negative levels does not restore HP nor SP.
  • Negative levels from wearing items inflict a -5 penalty to hp and a -1 penalty to attack, skills, and saving throws. They do not affect spell points or caster levels. One negative level per contradiction in alignment (max 2), regardless of the number of items equipped. An item can give more than one negative level. These negative levels do not stack with negative levels from spells and attacks with regard to death by insufficient levels.



Permanent / undispellable

Temporary / dispellable / with limited charges


  • Resting (at a shrine or after a quest completion) cures all negative levels.
  • Negative levels wear off naturally, at a rate of 1 every 2 minutes.

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