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Flesh Render

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Your blood shall feed the gateway to Xoriat!

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Demon (List)

Sub-race: Fleshrender (List)

Monster Manual classification: Flesh Render

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Rare: No

Organization: Solitary or pair

CR:  ♦12/14Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite

Attack: Claw (Slashing, Evil + Magical Poison: Flesh Render), Tail (Slashing, Evil + Magical Poison: Flesh Render), Spell like ability: Inflict Wounds, mass, severity based on CR

Special Qualities: DR  ♦2−5Normal/Cold Iron and Good, Acid Resistance, Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, Immunity to Poison, Spell Resistance. Electric and Sonic work normally.