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"When Mabar draws nigh, darkness falls and the dead become restless..."

Level Range: 7-35
Duration: Quest-like, no time limit
Base XP Range: 700-3500
Takes place in: The Night Revels
Challenge entrance(s) in: Night Revels Crypt
Patron: None
Free to Play: Yes
Group Difficulty: Easy
Solo Difficulty: Easy
5 Star Difficulty: Easy
Haverdashed map
Loading screen


Haverdasher (Kundarak Warder) tells you:
"Dol Dorn! Two groups in a just few minutes? Now I have more help than I need.
I would have gone in with the pale lass who arrived just before you, but those damn scorpions stung me right in my... well, never mind that.
Point is, there was a nest of scorpions down there. Then that lovely lass showed up, and now I hear strange chanting. She's casting a spell to deal with the scorpions, no doubt."

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

Star Objectives

Scoring: Base (Level +5)

★ 1 (2)
★★ 3 (5)
★★★ 5 (8)
★★★★ 9 (14)
★★★★★ 15 (23)

Note: You must complete all non-optional star objectives to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps


Tips and Misc


  • Speak to Haverdasher, then go down the ramp
  • The sound of ravenous groans from behind the door sets your nerves on edge. - There are three waves of mobs beyond the door:
    • Zombies - The desiccated corpses collapse with a sickening thud
    • Skeletons - The desiccated corpses collapse with a sickening thud.
    • Wraiths - With one final strike, the last of the wraiths fades from existence.
      • NB: The zombies and skeletons can be killed with AoEs through the closed door however the wraiths will eventually come through to attack
  • After the wraiths are killed, Lady Wrasse and Lindilae spawn at opposite ends of the dungeon (far enough apart that you can take them on one at a time) - A muffled shout can be heard from the passageway.
    • Lindalae will spawn at the far end of the basement (by the mirror) - Lindilae has been slain!
    • Lady Wrasse appears at the upper end of the ramp, near the door out - The vampire crumbles to dust as you strike the mortal blow.
  • Speak to Haverdasher again to complete the quest
    • Bug: If you speak to Haverdasher after the door is closed and before it is opened again (because some party member enter late or because you re-entered the challenge), then this will cause the challenge to offer rewards for 1 star less when it is completed.


  • Chests: 2
    • 1 after killing Lindilae
    • 1 by Haverdasher, after killing Lady Wrasse
  • Collectables: 1
    • Bookcase on North wall
  • Ingredient reward:


  • Zombie - Zombie (CR = Challenge level)
  • Skeleton - Skeleton (CR = Challenge level)
  • Wraith - Wraith (CR = Challenge level)
  • Lindilae - Orange-named Wraith (CR = Challenge level +2); always spawns
  • Lady Wrasse - Orange-named Vampire (CR = Challenge level +4); always spawns, required kill

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