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Schism Shard Crafting

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Dragonblood Prophecy adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Dragonblood Prophecy

You can craft Schism Shards acquired from the raid Killing Time with certain epic-level weapons to receive an upgraded or altered legendary weapon. Schism Shards are Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire, and the crafted weapons are Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire.

Crafting NPC[edit]

Varron can upgrade your gear

Varron Tertius <Schism Shard Collector>

  • Located in The Gatekeepers' Grove.
  • You have to complete Killing Time to speak with Varron and view the crafting recipes.


  • Schism Shards - found in the end chest of Killing Time as a rare drop. They are also available in exchange for 500 Time Runes. (Source: DDO Forums)

Base Weapons[edit]

Unlike most crafting systems, the base weapons capable of being upgraded exist across three entirely different quests from separate adventure packs:

White Plume Mountain
Desire in the Dark
The Temple of Elemental Evil

Sentient Jewels[edit]

Each of the recipes to upgrade or alter the White Plume Mountain weapons also requires that weapon's respective sentient jewel.

Upgrading Weapons[edit]

  • Base weapons must not have ever had sentient jewels slotted into them. In order to use such a base weapon, the jewel must first be removed or destroyed. After you have unslotted the sentient jewel, selecting the upgrade target weapon in the forge window will show the base weapon as "This weapon must not be sentient", and won't accept it. Instead, the base weapon must be dragged into the ingredient area of the forge window.
  • Additionally, sentient jewels used as ingredients for upgrading must have 0 Sentience XP.
  • Note that with the White Plume Mountain weapons, each has an option of either a direct upgrade to the weapon, or an upgrade to a secondary weapon type. Be careful when making your selection!

WARNING: Any Mythic or Reaper bonuses the base weapon has will be lost on upgrade.

  • As of Update 41, players will be able to spend a new raid ingredient, Threads of Fate, to add Mythic +2 or Mythic +4 bonuses to the upgraded versions of these weapons. (Source: DDO Forums)


Upgraded Weapon Upgraded Weapon type Base Weapon Schism Shards Sentient Jewel?
Reflection of Wave Quarterstaff Legendary Echo of Wave 5 Sentient Jewel of Wave
Sphere of Waves Orb Legendary Echo of Wave 5 Sentient Jewel of Wave
Reflection of Blackrazor Great Sword Legendary Echo of Blackrazor 5 Sentient Jewel of Blackrazor
Soulrazor Long Sword Legendary Echo of Blackrazor 5 Sentient Jewel of Blackrazor
Reflection of Whelm War Hammer Legendary Echo of Whelm 5 Sentient Jewel of Whelm
Overwhelming Impact Throwing Hammer Legendary Echo of Whelm 5 Sentient Jewel of Whelm
Reflection of Angdrelve Great Sword Legendary Wave of Sorrow 5 None
Soul's Sorrow Bastard Sword Legendary Wave of Despair 5 None
Reflection of The Frostblade Scimitar Epic Leopard's Chill 5 None