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Divine Avenger enhancements

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Alchemist ArtificerDog Barbarian Bard Cleric
DruidWolf Fighter Favored Soul Monk Paladin
BC1NWNP2SH Dra1Ken2Rav1StDVan2 AoVBoHWar HeMNiSShi


Ranger Rogue Sorcerer Wizard Warlock

Falconry     ~     Feydark Illusionist     ~     Harper Agent     ~     Horizon Walker     ~     Inquisitive     ~     Vistani Knife Fighter


: Class/tree can be earned via favor. : Class/tree free to VIP or found in DDO Store. 1: Tree only available to a certain archetype. 2: Tree unavailable to a certain archetype.

Aasimar 1,395 DP1,395 DDO Points Dragonborn Drow Dwarf Eladrin *Requires any version of Magic of Myth Drannor, or free to VIP Elf / W-Elf (& AA) Gnome
Half-Elf (& AA) Half-Orc Halfling Human Shifter 1,595 DP1,595 DDO Points Tabaxi 1,595 DP1,595 DDO Points Tiefling Warforged Free by turning in 400 Total favor per server 995 DP995 DDO Points
Bladeforged 1,295 DP1,295 DDO Points Chaosmancer *Requires ultimate edition of Magic of Myth Drannor Deep Gnome 1,295 DP1,295 DDO Points Morninglord 1,295 DP1,295 DDO Points (& AA) PDK 1,295 DP1,295 DDO Points Razorclaw 1,395 DP1,395 DDO Points Scoundrel 1,395 DP1,395 DDO Points Scourge 1,295 DP1,295 DDO Points Shadar-kai 1,295 DP1,295 DDO Points Trailblazer 1,395 DP1,395 DDO Points


Equal parts warrior, support caster, and healer, these favored souls swing their weapons more often than they cast. Although not as specialized for spell casting, they are more skilled with weapons than any other caster.


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