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Disciples of Rage

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The Beacon that looms over Stormreach’s Harbor is known as the Emperor. For as long as humanoids have lived there, the Emperor has stood, and the beacon it holds has shone brightly both night and day. Meanwhile, a faction of the Cult of the Dragon Below plots.

The magic that has long protected Stormreach is failing, and a strange plague is sweeping through the city. You'll join forces with the healers of House Jorasco to find a cure and save your adopted home.

Disciples of Rage adpack icon.jpg
725 DP Requires access to adventure pack: Disciples of Rage

This adventure pack introduced with Update 38 has 5 quests available at level 14 on Heroic difficulty, and level 31 on Legendary difficulty.
Access these quests in House Jorasco, south and a bit west of the Drowning Sorrows Tavern at the House Jorasco Hospital (purple diamond marker on your minimap). Haden d'Jorasco is the quest chain provider, and Bril Norgate is the quest provider for the first quest in the chain.


Quest Name Quest Level Base Favor Patron
Night Falls on Stormreach 1 14/31 5 House Jorasco
Quarantine2 14/31 5 House Jorasco
The Madness of Crowds2 14/31 5 House Jorasco
The Age of Rage2 14/31 5 House Jorasco
Toxic Treatment3 14/31 6 House Jorasco
Total Favor 78


  1. Introductory quest, required for the next three
  2. These three can be done in any order
  3. Finale, requires completion (and turn-in) of previous four quests

Bug: If, after completing all 5 quests, you close the arc reward list offered by Haden d'Jorasco without choosing something, that list is not offered again and you lose that reward.

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